IceStorm 1.1

lynkfox 380

Adjusting here - Moving up for Economy (2 Gila hands) - 1pts Agendas that can be Scored out of Hand after Mandatory Upgrades is good, plus the economy will be helpful - Melange is great, but you have to trash melange to score most of the time. Gila will help with that.

Also means you will probably be sitting at 5 points quickly (Mandatory Upgrades, ABT, Gila Hands) and threatening to win on any turn because of MU - so you can drop your ice onto RD and tax the runner for every run, hopefully to the point where they are only able to run every other turn or so. Giving you plenty of time to find the last agenda and score it.

Possibly still considering 45 card version (Drop Rototurret, 1 Grim, Oversight AI, 1 Melange) but think that the Oversight is good for the times you draw into Heim/Wotan (and an early Oversight Wotan is a run stopper, period)

Worried a little bit about lack of 'Mid Game' ice - str 4+ ice with ETR/Devestating abilities to tax the runnerthat are less than 7 credits (Currently: Grim, Ichi 1.0, Viper) but not a lot of other choices

7 Jan 2014 lorenbr

Why Oversight AI instead of Bioroid Efficiency Research? I realize that BER costs 2 more, but seems like you could do something good with the extra 2 influence. Maybe replace 2 Paper Walls with Ice Walls. Given the Grim/Ichi/Rototurret program trashing ability, it might be nice to be able to kill the Corroder and bring the Ice Wall back online...