Buppu2099 8

Mission Statement:
The goal of this deck is to murder the runner. This deck does not win by scoring. The agendas in this deck are there to be eaten by ice, to frustrate the runner and to speed up their turns so you can wrap up the game in a variety of ways.

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Stressed about scoring? No more! Don't bother unless the runner is too scared to run. This deck is simple, straight-forward, glacier construction combined with all the proper money cards.
This deck hopes to shorten the playtime and give you the chance to sit back and relax. Give your brain some rest and coffee up for the next round of the tournament.

Plenty. The Clearinghouse is there to make the runner panic and waste resources running it, but it dies very easy to the usual misery. No worries, jank it back from the dump while the runner enjoys their bread and circuses. Also, the deck is not good at scoring. But the game won't last long enough to worry about that.

Card Choices
A note on some cards:

News Team is underappreciated. It is always funny. Is a good trigger for a medium-sized tilt when encountered once. Becomes funnier when trashed. Some runners forget about the news team in archives and blunder into them again for a double tilt.

Distract the Masses is there as a replacement for Preemptive Action. If anyone has a suggestion for a better alternative I love to hear it. There to shuffle back the exploded Clearinghouse, BOOM! and whatever weapons you need to finish the game.

Drafter Enables bigger glaciers and allows you to dump ice in the archives.

Any suggestion to improve this deck is most welcome.

22 Sep 2022 amargo.retruco

What about a couple of econ warfares for an easier time stickng the HHN tags??

22 Sep 2022 Buppu2099

Thanks for the suggestion. Perhaps I should cut the Wake Up Call in exchange for Economic Warfare.