CT's Toybox

daytodave 1185

This deck is fun to play, and so far wins more than half the time barring mistakes.

There are 9 cards that say "Magnum Opus" (MO, Test Run, SMC) and you need to have access to one from turn 1. You don't have to play it though, often I will just run every click until the middle of turn 2 or 3, potentially spending some clicks to recover from NAPD, before forcing out the rig. Never do this against Jinteki, since you can't afford to lose the MO in your starting hand.

There's no server I can't get into with MO + SMC + Clone Chip, and that's really the secret to this deck. Never build more of the rig than you need. Try to run at least once every turn. With Deus X and Sharpshooter in your stack (or heap with clone chip) there is no ice that can hurt you, and if you're worried about traps just jack out after you force the corp to rez ice. Once MO is out, Sharpshooter allows you to be incredibly aggressive while you wait for them to make you get a rig. By this time you've scored 1-4 points and trashed some of their economy. Don't be afraid to spend a turn clicking for 8 credits, but time it so that you do this right after the corp has spent their turn clicking for 3. That happens a lot with this deck.

Personal Workshop makes Quality Time viable and provides that little bit of extra economy to take the edge off the slowness of MO.

Nerve agent is mostly there to spread ice out. If they go heavy on HQ start Indexing, vice versa with R&D.

Try to always Dino the Fem, but don't be afraid to put it down on your rig and Scavenge it later. Final rig is Dino-Fem, MO, Corroder, Torch, and whichever utility program you need most. Against Jinteki it's Deus X, against Weyland and NBN it's usually Imp to kill the scorched combo pieces from hand, against HB it's an Imp that often gets trashed for Deus X to break Heimdall x.0 cheaply, but I've also brought out the second Fem on the one occasion when HB got enough money together to rez a Janus.

24 Jun 2014 daytodave

Forgot to mention: Plascrete! I don't need it. If I can imp away the combo pieces I do that, if not, NBN and Weyland need 2 credits more than me to land a tag on their turn, and I never let that happen. I have no problem taking money six turns in a row if that's what the Weyland player is doing. Midseason's, SEA Source, and Puntative all depend on a successful run, so sometimes I will run a server (forcing them to rez to hide the fact that they want me to steal the agenda) then jack out. Then I take credits and I'm comfortably ahead enough that I can just treat 30 or 40 or whatever credit pool the corp has as my new 0 and get back to the plan.

25 Jun 2014 Alsciende

Stimhack would be good in this deck.

25 Jun 2014 Rallenkov

Good Deck, I would do the following changes -1 Imp -2 Sharpshooter +3 Stimhack