Jank Rig

skydivingninja 411

Perfectly describes the battle plan of the deck and the quality of its construction. Basically, throw out your programs with Inject and Freelance Coding Contract, then install them for free with Retrieval Run. Now your archives is a toolbox, and you can get your big breakers for free. Logos will let you get some extra cards so you don't lose everything to a Coding Contract, and help you find what you need (though it could easily be either a Grimoire or Deep Red).

26 Jun 2014 Thike

You're running pretty tight on MU. Do the extra Caissa add much? I'd rather run more econ in those slots.

3 Jul 2014 M3th

The programs are the economy (freelance coding contract).

3 Jul 2014 M3th

But should be effcient to have LARLA in there.