Straight Jinteki

tangentmechanic 15

I'm trying to divide up my cards and build the most robust in faction decks I can so that I can teach my friends to play, or play with them by just having them pick out whatever faction they like.

So I guess I'm trying to boardgame-ize it. Any ideas on improvements would certainly be appreciated as the decks aren't meant just for me.

27 Jun 2014 SpawnMoreOverlords

Medical Breakthrough is meh if you haven't Fast Track as well. I'd go with more 3/2 or Nisei MKII instead. Are you sure you want to teach your friend with cards such as Bullfrog ? it seems very complicated for beginners. I'd remove the psi ice, Shiro and Yagura wich do not end the run and i'd try to fit in some neutral, end-the-run ice in it (i'm sure you have enough to split them between decks ?). That would also allow you to lower the average cost of your ices, because Shiro, Tsurugi, Susanoo-no-mikoto and 2 Wall of Thorns is A LOT of expensive stuff you're not happy to have in your starting hand. Hoping to help ;)

27 Jun 2014 tangentmechanic

I'll switch out the Meds and cut down on some of the expensive stuff. Thank you. I am by no means an expert, but I'm building for a lot of things I dont normally play. My focus isnt necessarily trying to teach (though that will be an element) so much as provide an environment where they can play and enjoy the game casually. The reason I havent included any neutral cards has to do with the fact that I want every faction playable the second I open up the box, and having to share cards would hamper that. I'm hoping there are enough cards where that is kind of playing format. The main reason for Bullfrog was its strength, which could be effective in a format where every other faction is just as hampered.

Really though, your advice is much appreciated.