Hypershitfucker 2: The Keyblade (Don't Play This, Please)

LSK 4662

Remember Hypershitfucker? The Chaos Theory deck with the bizarre game plan and even more bizarre name?

This shit's WORSE.

So here's the game plan: Set up a few Leprechauns with Hyperdrivers on them, then click Magnum Opus until you have more money than the corp. When you're way ahead on money, let the Hyperdrivers fly loose, go to 13 clicks, and Vamp away! Then, use the remaining 12 clicks to Keyhole 11 times, remember that you have three All-nighters in play, use them, Keyhole 3 more times, and then play Hades Shard to steal their agendas so Jackson Howard can't save them.

Think about that. Think about that as a corp. Imagine having to shuffle between every one of those 14 Keyholes. Imagine crossing your fingers, hoping that the runner will somehow whiff 14 times in a row, or give you a chance to do something, anything. Remember that Hades Shard? You thought you'd be safe from it, since the runner just has 4 credits, but they Career Faired into it. If you're a corp that gets hit by this, life SUCKS.

So, anyways, this deck.

Most of the card choices are pretty straightforward. There's the combo elements. There's econ (Sure Gamble, Daily Casts) to get you going. There's draw (Diesel, Earthrise) so you can quickly get through your deck. There's SMC and Clone Chip because, hello, we're playing Shaper.

Then there's a few cards I haven't explained yet:

The breaker suite: We could just play Eater and have it easy. All we'd need to do is hit with a Vamp and the breakers don't matter anymore. But we're playing a real breaker suite. What's up with that?

Well, there's a few upshots to playing this breaker suite instead of an Eater. For starters, it frees up two influence we can use elsewhere. But more importantly, you don't need to hit with a Vamp to win! If you have a lot of money, you can just get the right set of breakers out and just hit your head against R&D until a few agendas fly loose.

But wait, there's more! What are those Stimhacks doing in here? As soon as the corp sees Hyperdrivers and Leprechauns, they're gonna make some assumptions. Namely, they're gonna assume you can't get into their remotes to steal their agendas, and they're gonna start scoring aggressively. The Stimhacks are here to send a message: you're not going to just sit back and set up some dumb combo. You're here to play Netrunner. You don't need that 2-pointer to win; you're comboing off in a few turns anyways. You just want to keep it out of the wrong hands.

So far, this deck has a great record. I've had to apologize to people after playing it on at least three occasions.

That said, it's not a perfect deck. I was going to wait to unveil this at US Nationals before publishing it, but in practice it gets squished pretty hard by Marcus Batty, so I'm not too concerned about unleashing this monstrosity upon the world.

17 Jul 2015 itsbigfoot

can't knock a vamp keyhole deck but two things stick out to me: Personal workshop would be very good for this style of deck This is one of the few decks that'd probably be better in haley, you're trying to install a lot of programs

17 Jul 2015 Dydra

This can create physical damage to your opponent. Having to shuffle his deck 14 times lol :D

17 Jul 2015 Dydra

I personally would prefer to mill 15+ cards in succession, the chances would be higher, than him shuffle his deck 14 times .... the stacks that shuffling will create might end-up not working out for ya :)

17 Jul 2015 Chuftbot

This is disgusting. I need to sleeve it.

17 Jul 2015 LSK

@Dydra: Can confirm, this deck is a total sleeve destroyer.

17 Jul 2015 Shannon.L

@dydra -

With the way odds work, there's no difference between milling 15 in a row and milling 15 after shuffling. That's a common fallacy, but definitely a fallacy.

19 Jul 2015 Boughner

And with Keyhole you're seeing 3 instead of just 1 off the top. I like those odds way more...

19 Jul 2015 SlayerCNV

really there is a big difference: Daily Business Show...

10 Dec 2015 Linither

I switched out the 3 stimhacks for a medium and 2 Kati's. I won my first game. I like the medium because if you alternate keyhole and medium it give you a shuffle, you would just want to key twice and then alternate. In my game i got the medium and Kati early and keyhole never showed up.