Tag Me 2: Tag Me Harder

frolic 12

Removed a lot of superfluous cards, and made the deck a lot more reliable.

The Working Parts:

Account Siphon allows me to keep the corp down in credits while also funding my resources and DLR.

Knight and Overmind mean that I can get into any remote in the early game, and makes my Account Siphons nigh impossible to fail.

John and Josh do the most work in this deck, outside of Account Siphon. You'd be extremely surprised how often I can keep Josh up for 3+ turns, but in the end it's still worth it for me to draw, plop him down, and have the corp trash him next turn. John means I can DLR three times, run or Dirty Laundy archives, and keep getting new cards in. If R&D or HQ are cheap enough to run, he keeps my hand full and fresh while I maintain pressure. These both also feed DLR.

Data Link Reversal works SO much better than Medium, Nerve Agent, or Hemorrhage in this deck. You need cheap accesses for those cards to work, and that's not my MO. Remember that you don't need to be tagged to play it, just to use it.

The Supporting Parts:

Planned Assault lets me pick out Account Siphon or Vamp, allowing for some extra reliability in draws. To be honest, I think it may be a bit too expensive to be worth it, but we'll see.

Vamp lets me turn late game Sure Gambles and Account Siphons into COMPLETELY bankrupting the corp. This can very easily win you games when the corp has lots of unrezzed Ice on a remote.

Deep Red assists Knight and keeps Overmind useful in the late game. It also fixes all my memory problems, which is nice.

Armitage is great early game, before you get tagged. After you're tagged, you have click it three times the turn you play it or you lose out on click economy if the Corp trashes it. Most of the time the Corp just leaves it alone, as they're too broke to care.

Parasite is there for annoying ice like Pop-up Window, but it's also useful to drop on any big ICE the corp drops on HQ or Archives. A lot of people question its usefulness without Parasite, but I've been happy with it.