Only the Strong Survive

Captain 48

Coming from a staunch HB player since I started playing last year. I bought Creation and Control box set and never looked back. I started by playing NEXT, before switching over to ETF. I've always been intrigued by identities that were considered weak. Looking at the base ability of HB Stronger Together, it would appear to be really good once you get the Bioroid Ice stacked and that truly is the case. Because you are not getting that one credit with installation, Economy at the start is a bit rough if you are used to ETF but once you get your economy up and running you will be laughing. The agendas are chosen to sustain your momentum. Corporate War, Priority Requisition ensure that when you are finished advancing your agendas you don't lose any tempo. Efficiency Committee was initially a Project Vitruvius, which I would over score, I switched to EC because of the synergy it has with MMC. Inazuma works so well with Bioroid ice it is the only ice I have that has three copies (except for Eli of course;)). All of the operations and Assets are there to help you make money so economy should not be a problem. With ths amount of taxing this ice provides, scroring windows will appear and when they do you should be ready to install and advance your agendas. Hive is the only ice that I'm not sold on, Aggressive secretary could also be Ash. I have found after about a half a dozen games, good success with this identity and it definitely isn't the worst identity in the game that is the common wisdom. All I can say is try it out and see how you like it.

1 Jul 2014 x3r0h0ur

I think this is the first time I've ever seen anyone put rex campaign into a deck.

1 Jul 2014 Captain

I have always been a big fan of the Rex, its been in all of my HB decks since it was released. It may not set the world on fire but rez to trash ratio is amazing and if it isn't trashed, you get five bucks. It's a very under rated card IMO.