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RedScharlach 76

Turns out, even if you just have the core set, you can make a Criminal deck that isn't half bad. Who knew?

2 Jul 2014 RedScharlach

After playing this, I'd take out the Crash Spaces and Crypsises. I haven't thought about what I'd replace them with, though.

2 Jul 2014 zakski

I would keep the Crash Spaces in case of NBN or Weland matchups and drop only of the Crypsis and consider also dropping the Aurora and one of the Femme Fatale. You could also drop Desperado and consider The Toolbox and some Akamatsu Mem Chips or Cyberfeeders but that would require sacrificing some more out of faction cards.

As for what to add, you could consider Lemuria Codecracker for better exposing of cards or the Decoys or Access to Globalsecs though those cards are more situational.

Sorry for the speel, I am in a similar state to you in that I only have the core set and really like the criminal deck

2 Jul 2014 presheaf

I'm not sure I'd want to add The Toolbox. Assuming you get no value out of the link (which, granted, may not be true), and use both recurring credits each turn, it earns you 2 credits per run you make (assuming you make no more than one run a turn and use at least 2 credits on icebreakers every turn, - for comparison with Desperado I'll also assume every run is successful, so hopefully two wrongs cancel out and we can go with it).

Now, Desperado earns you 1 per run, which means that choosing to install The Toolbox instead of Desperado only pays off after making more than 6 runs. Now add in the fact that The Toolbox is a larger initial investment than Desperado, meaning that it will slow you down more early on, and also consider that Desperado doesn't cost any influence. Granted, if you have particular need for the extra memory or link things might be different, but as it stands I think Desperado is the best choice here.

I think keeping Crash Space might be nice, though. It provides some defense against Scorched Earth, which is otherwise hard to come by with only the core set.

3 Jul 2014 nbove
  • Aurora is useless when you are running 2x Corroder.
  • 2x Gordian Blade takes a lot of influence and all it really buys you is the ability to get through a toll booth for 7 credits instead of 9 + a click with Crypsis. The other relevant two code gates in the core set (viktor 1.0 and enigma) get broken for free by Yog.0.
  • 5 sentry breakers is probably a few too many.
  • Be careful of taking out Crypsis. Landing an Account Siphon can really swing the game, and stimhack + crypsis is a great way to make sure that you can land it.

Here are my suggestions:

-1 Aurora, -2 Gordian Blade, -2 Ninja, -1 Femme Fatale, -2 Stimhack

+1 Yog.0, +1 Mimic, +3 Parasite, +1 Armitage Codebusting, +1 Lemuria Codecracker, +1 Decoy