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maxitaxi777 2

As soon as this Corp ID came out, I fell in love with its speed and flexibility. Every time when an Agenda is scored or stolen, you benefit from a huge tempo boost of either 2 cards or 2 credits. Why not make that effect happen quite often? Running multiple 1 or 2-point Agendas and no 3-point Agendas (at least not from a runner perspective :D).

Bonkers card in this deck is obviously Giordano Memorial Field, together with the possible triggers from Meridian and Shi.Kyu. Quite recently, I included Stock Buy-Back. Some may say that at the time it will be valuable, you should have won already, but lately it worked out pretty massive sweeping in 17 to 20 credits with a single click.

What I tried in the past was only using 1-point Agendas, which obviously made the ID ability trigger even more, but at the cost of way too many deckslots. I also tried including multiple copies of the Domestic Sleepers 0-point Agenda, but that didn't feel worth its deckslots either.

Finally, I am always on the bridge of whether to spend my influence on either Shi.Kyu or Arella Salvatore. I have tried both and where Arella offers obviously more tempo, but Shi.Kyu extends the runner win and grows the Corp in power via Giordano Memorial Field, Stock Buy-Back and most importantly Game Changer. The latter might win you the game even easier by fast advancing a copy of GFI, when the Runner has more Agendas (including a possible Shi.Kyu and/or Meridian, that count as Agendas too).

Feel free to provide any thoughts. Thanks in advance for any feedback :D.