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Wakks 105

Deck aims to have Rook on the table to enable easy runs while Underworld Contact(s) pours money onto the table. There's a bit of clicking for money in the early game, but if an Underworld Contact is running, then things get much easier. Top target for Hostage is Mr. Li because he can sift through the deck very quickly. John comes in later once the servers are soft enough over the course of the game. Rook'd ice gets trashed fairly frequently, opening up easy Pawn promotion plays to reintroduce pressure. I would rather not play The Helpful AI, but searchable Link is too good to pass up as a backup. Even with Overmind, I prefer Access to Globalsec over Dyson because of the cheaper install cost. Corroder is in there mainly for Himitsu-Bako; keeping Knights off Wraparounds is just a bonus. Mimic is there mainly for Swordsman. Tallie hoses most of the Weyland playstyle, but her alone doesn't stop a SEA Source, Double Scorched play against a corp that started its turn with zero bad publicity. Joshua B. doesn't mesh well with this playstyle. The corp has to earn their tags.

2 Jul 2014 thrazznos

Really like this deck idea, the helpful AI with hostage is a super good idea in reina, and anarch as an early link, and a backup emergency breaker boost.

2 Jul 2014 Pinkwarrior

am doing a similar deck myself based on link str am using the fix breaker suite tho rather than chess. Have you thought about new angels and fall guy i find that to be an excellent way to keep tags off and shuts down thos data ravens.

i used my last influence on express delivery but after looking at your deck i may change it to calling in favors i hadn't realized it was 1 influence.

2 Jul 2014 Wakks

I thought about using New Angeles especially in tandem with Tallie to just shut off Weyland play, but the economy provided by Armitage Codebusting helps with the consistency of this deck. Without phones AND Ms. Jones on the table, it's hard to make runs and keep credits for tag avoidance on the table later on in the game. Plus, installing and advancing an agenda that I probably have to take can screw over City Hall when there's only room for one Fall Guy right now. I could take out Calling in Favors, but the credit return on that one influence tends to be really good.

6 Jul 2014 Pinkwarrior

@Wakks yeah i understand it would be hard to know what to take out for new angeles, and i love armitage i see it as a cheap no mu opus. do you find much use for the scrubber with the 2x imps?

I guess that been tagged and scoreched is just gonna be the weak point hopefuly u can hit em with the imp theirs nothing really you can take out.

7 Jul 2014 Myriad

This deck is remarkably similar to a Reina deck I was running a while back, before H&P. I really think you might be on to something with Underworld/Helpful AI/Hostage.

I had a lot of problems against fast advance NBN. I suppose as long as you can get a Rook out and force rezzes of their early game ICE you can get some econ denial (paying ~5 for that first piece of ice hurts NBN).

Hobo advance might be a problem too. I will have to try this build. I like the idea of resource heavy Anarch!