The Fastest Hobo in the United States

kata124 413

Because a number of people online and IRL have been asking for it... This is the latest iteration of my 'Hobo NBN FA'. The idea is to advance an Ice Wall twice when you get it and use Trick of Light to score your first Astro. Then Jackson and Fast Track to get the remaining points. Choo choo!

You usually don't need more than two credits floating to score which means this works really well against Siphon/Vamp. ICE is cheap end the run with the exception of a single Tollbooth to lock out / tax in the mid to late game. SanSan is an alternate scoring option but might as well read, "the runner loses a click and 5 credits".

Feel free to provide feedback. Appreciate it!


2 Jul 2014 x3r0h0ur

If the idea is to have the ability to score on low credits, why not no credits? Shipment from San San feels perfect for the deck.

2 Jul 2014 kata124

Great idea. I've been trying to fit Shipment from SanSan in here somewhere but what do you take out? The only things I can think of are SanSan City Grid and Hedge Fund.

2 Jul 2014 cspieker

Note that Shipment from San San doesn't help you with the ToL part of the plan. Though you could use it to advance the Ice Wall.

How often do you find yourself lacking the Ice Wall? I've tried a build like this before and it seemed so tough to set up. First need to get out the Ice Wall. Then advance it (entire turn). Then finally you are ready for the Astro.

2 Jul 2014 kata124

Advancing the Ice Wall isn't hard but there will be times when you don't find what you need. Note that you need Ice Wall + Trick of Light + Astro for this to work and preferably in that order. I haven't had too many issues getting the combination but there are definitely some frustrating games where one of the pieces is missing.

The deck makes it harder to score your first Astro but as a reward, makes it easier to rez ICE and makes you less prone to econ denial. Also, you should be rezzing all your ICE and layering them so the runner needs more than one breaker to get into each of your centrals. Unlike the other NBN FAs you can afford to do that and it definitely helps to prolong your dig for the combo.

2 Jul 2014 jeibel

is this the deck that was talked about on SanSanSouth ? i thought it ran Shadow instead of Ice Walls, for the free rez

2 Jul 2014 kata124

I ran Shadow for a while but it was a lot more porous not to mention tag punishment took up too much room. You could probably run either but I find Ice Wall to be more effective.

3 Jul 2014 herod1204

I like the way this runs, and it is a good usage of the Astro-train. Do you just tend to use the trick of light to score the first astro then and then train it? I have been using tricks of light to score out multiple agendas throughout the game rather than just the first. I get the feeling your deck runs a lot more smoothly than mine once it gets the first astro, as I definitely struggle with the problem of when to use an astro-counter to score something as I don't tend to chain them.

I kept the tag punishment and use it to create scoring windows, and now to get the Beales out as well. Do you ever actually score out from the San San?

4 Jul 2014 kata124

I usally trick of light the first astro then get the train rolling. If I'm waiting for the next astro, I will advance ice wall again so I can score a beale with trick of light. I rarely use sansan. Only if I have 10+ credits and rezzed ice which doesn't happen very often.

8 Jul 2014 cspieker

I played a version of this the other night, and Noise Queen's Gambited my San San. I then topdecked a Trick of Light, so used those tokens he provided me to score an Astro. That was fortunate :) .