Luna Brother 1.0

gravity 24

This is a horizontal Project Beale deck... as in, it's your win condition. It's also a cheap excuse for me to TRY to make City Surveillance work.

Agenda setup has been chosen specifically to reduce agenda density. Your money are the 9x drip economy assets along with Sweeps Weeks.

NBN3 was chosen for the draw ability more than the influence. With 18 assets I expect to tax the runner or -more likely- have the runner dig your centrals for points. This is where Hive and the Ravens come in.

I expect this deck to be slow, mitigated only by the fact that you'll probably almost never click to draw as you'll be constantly creating new servers.

Pre-test observations: - Mental Health Clinics and Encryption Protocols kind of go hand in hand in this setup. If I decide to cut one, the other one will surely follow.

-Economy seems iffy. I've considered adding 2x Diversified Portfolio, but seeing as its no early game card, it might not be the remedy I'm looking for.

-ICE, aside from the Ravens and Hive, will depend on playtesting. I'm not sure if the deck can handle the rez cost of Tollbooth AND Hive reliably, or if Shadow's annoying subroutines actually add to the deck's theme.


3 Jul 2014 wswan

I don't know if you'll ever manage to get Beale off with so little ice. You're right in that they'll run centrals and with City Surveillance they'll probably ignore it until they realize how much money they're losing, but without the built in click tax of RP the runner will easily smash into and claim any agendas you put down. I'd say aim for more ambushes, -1 Midseasons and Psychographics, less tag punishment. The tags will rarely stick, most likely (not including the Midseason tags, which, if you're rolling in dough, could stick for sure).

4 Jul 2014 LynxMegaCorp

Pop-up Window seems like a great card for this deck, as it'll ensure you some econ and add to City Surveillance taxing. Its a lot cheaper than Tollbooth, saving you credits for other things. What about Private Contracts instead of Marked Accounts? With Encryption Protocol, perhaps replace 1, just in case you need quicker credits. Finally, I'm surprised to not see RSVP and Red Herrings in here; if not just to protect your Project Beale when you're ready to set up for the win. I'm far from an expert; these are just my musings, as this deck seems really interesting (I've wanted to make a good Project Beale deck!) Best of luck!

16 Jul 2014 gravity

@Lynx Kuroneko Private Contracts seems like a great idea. The reason why I picked Marked Accounts is because it's less click intensive... I want to be drawing into the midseason and tag punishment, so yeah. That said, I see the value of bursting credits just before the midseason with the Contracts.

And Red Herrings is just evil, hahaha. I'll try it out!