Noise "V" (Melbourne Regionals 2014 winner)

chanstheorem 1134

Simply an updated version of this:

I won't repeat the things I've said before but recently I have realised that there are three phases to my game plan.

Phase 1: Aggression and luck

The first few clicks of the game involves installing datasucker(s), face checking ice and running archives when it is unprotected - a lot of the time purely to build up sucker tokens - but also about 20% of the time you will see an agenda from the mill - that's the luck element.

If the corp takes a mulligan, I give serious thought to mulliganing hard for a Medium. A lot of games are won from Medium digging an unprotected R&D from turn 1.

The plan is to keep the corp poor from rezzing ice and to put the pressure on right from the start if you get early points.

My favourite starting play is: Sure Gamble, install Datasucker, run R&D, Dirty Laundry archives.

Phase 2: Control

I think many people don't realise that the middle game for Noise is actually a control game. Crypsis + counters + A LOT of money is very threatening and this would be what I consider the optimum middle game state. Wherever the corp is not defending well - attack there. Once they start dedicating resources and time to making a big remote and advancing agendas - I probably won't be able to get in and that is the truth - but that is also the best time to attack R&D or HQ. So really, it's all about diverting attention from where you're really planning to make a big run.

Phase 3: Go hard or go home

The late game (if you haven't won by now) will typically have very well defended servers and a corp beginning to turn the economy tide in their favour. As soon as they are on 5 points and threatening to score for the win, that is when I will start keeping tags, mass installing viruses and stimhacking servers like a mad man. Sometimes it's stimhacking a remote for the agenda, sometimes it's stimhacking for one last Medium dig, sometimes its installing multiple viruses then hitting archives. The most important thing to be able to do is to work out which server is most agenda-dense. That is the number one skill to have when playing Noise. This is Netrunner at its most fun and the most you will feel like you are truly playing as an Anarch.

And one more thing - for Noise, the game is not in archives. The game is in HQ. Corps tend to try really hard to defend their archives and R&D. They often leave their HQ poorly protected because they are not expecting me to run there. Agendas tend to accumulate in HQ because they are too afraid to try to advance them in remotes with Crypsis out. I win 50% of my games from single access HQ runs. Once Legwork came out - I had to put a copy of it in my deck.

Also, realise that if you are not milling agendas then the only place for them to go is HQ and all their ice and economy has just been milled into archives, making it even harder to defend their agendas in HQ.

6 Jul 2014 Talism

how did express delivery work for you?

6 Jul 2014 chanstheorem

It's a superior replacement for Quality Time for the way I like to play. My deck is consistent enough that if I am looking for a specific answer, I can usually find it with Express Delivery. The other problem with QT is that I was never very happy to use it unless I was still able to play a Sure Gamble after using it (i.e. have 8 or more credits) and I had to use it on the first click of a turn in order not to waste cards.

6 Jul 2014 SneakdoorMelb

Congrats on the win Phil!

7 Jul 2014 chanstheorem


7 Jul 2014 x3r0h0ur

Love it, will be building it.

7 Jul 2014 turtle

Just wanted to say congrats on the win Phil! The final game of the day was absolutely amazing - so much respect on how patient you were in making your move.

8 Jul 2014 chanstheorem

Thanks for the support! I'm really looking forward to seeing the video.

8 Jul 2014 Thike

Solid simple Noise. I really like it. I've been messing around with giimickier Noise decks, maybe I need to pair it back. And stop being afraid of Crypsis. Please post the video if it ever goes up, I'd love to see exactly how you ran this.

9 Jul 2014 chanstheorem

Yes, I'm looking forward to the videos myself. I think there's going to be a series of commentated videos for the tournament.

Crypsis is great. Think about how much of a headache it is when you are facing one as corp during the early-mid game. It also saves memory for more viruses and you don't need to waste time or deck space finding your rig.

9 Jul 2014 Gerbo

Def. did not expect so many datasuckers and no Mimic/Yog. Interesting build, when I'm getting out of my current Shaper-trend I'll try this one out.

9 Jul 2014 chanstheorem

It's a one cost virus mill that gives you a pseudo-credit every run. Has to go in x3!

11 Jul 2014 ulun47

I'm noticing no Plascrete, had any trouble against scorch? or is that a meta call?

11 Jul 2014 chanstheorem

Lot's of scorched being played in our meta. I have only lost to scorched once in a tournament and it was to an Accelerated Diagnostics combo deck. You have to play this deck aggressively, and I think having Plascrete in my deck puts me in the wrong mindset. It's easier than you think to counter Scorched either by keeping a lot of credits, using Imp or just winning before they draw what they need.

13 Jul 2014 Nushura

Just a silly question from a noob that does not know how to play anarchs. Why are there no copies of Djinn? In addition to the extra space, isn't virus tutoring great for this kind of decks?

13 Jul 2014 ulun47

Djinn slows you down, and you don't really need the tutoring because you have 3 copies of each virus + express delivery if you really need something. And you don't need the memory from Djinn because your only breakers are Knight and Crypsis, so you'll have plenty of free mu for viruses.

13 Jul 2014 chanstheorem

Yes. Essentially, Djinn is too slow and too expensive. A credit and a click is a lot. Even worse, it gives the corp too much of an opportunity to prepare - virus installations with Noise tend to be high impact plays made better with the element of surprise.

Also, I found that when I used to include Djinn, I would always be tempted to hold on to my Datasuckers until I could find a Djinn to host them. This was terrible play.

14 Jul 2014 divadus

Just wanted to say - this deck really is a beauty. I have been playing your earlier Noise "V" variant extensively, subbing Test Runs for SMCs and with a single Nerve Agent in place of one of the Mediums, and it has put in serious work. Have only given this updated deck a few goes, but it's been faring beautifully thus far. Definitely takes a while to truly acclimate to the required playstyle balancing early aggression and mid-game control, but it's pretty fearsome if executed properly. Once again, all the props.

14 Jul 2014 chanstheorem

Hey, thanks. I'm glad other people are having success. I wish more people would try this type of Anarch deck as it goes against most accepted thinking around the game at the moment.

14 Jul 2014 Hoywolf

how does this deck handle the NBN Fast Track FA? can you keep up with their speed?

14 Jul 2014 chanstheorem

It is tricky. You have to try to get Medium out as fast as you can and simply milling cards is actually very useful. This deck is even more aggressive when you know that you cannot be flatlined.

A surprise Stimhack is quite good if they are trying to sneak an agenda out on a remote without fast advancing - often the corp will think you can't get in purely because you are Anarch.

Low cost ice can be parasited. One of the matches I played in top 8 was a good example of how to play against TWIY Fastrobiotics - hopefully we will get the videos soon.

15 Jul 2014 x3r0h0ur

I've now played this a few times, and this is right up there with AoA style anarch for me. This is definitely more of the classic Anarch style of hit 'em where they're weak. I would love to have more options against HQ multi access than legwork, but I wouldn't use NA, or HQI, so I suppose Legwork is the way to go. I also can't think of much else I'd rather run for the 2 inf.

While playing this it hit me that there is probably a Whizzard/Reina Roja build somewhere in here instead of using the 'luck an agenda' you would use keyhole with caissa and fixed breakers to make multiple runs with keyhole and tear up R&D, keeping the econ and event framework. Something like -1 legwork +1 lucky find

-3 grimoire -3 datasucker -3 imp -3 medium -3 crypsis +3 keyhole +2 rook +2 mimic +2 yog +3 bishop +3 deep red or something.

16 Jul 2014 chanstheorem

Yes, I think you're right. I think a lot of people have moved away from the style of play this deck requires. It's very much in the spirit of pre-Workshop era Noise. There's no immediate way of winning the economic battle and you don't have answers for everything all the time.

16 Jul 2014 PsiNorm

I found card draw a problem, especially against Jinteki. Replacing a card in hand with one of four wasn't good enough for a click. What I'm trying is flipping the influence. Exchanging Lucky Find (2inf money) for Easy Mark (1inf money), and Express Delivery (1inf card draw?) for Diesel (2inf card draw). Otherwise, it's very much the style of Anarch I like to play.

16 Jul 2014 chanstheorem

Sure. I guess I'm not using Express Delivery for card draw. I use it mostly when I'm in need of burst econ and occasionally when I need a virus. You are right, a click for a card is not great but I can't see any way of improving it without significantly weakening the deck. Diesel is just too much influence for me.

17 Jul 2014 Exo

Congrats on building this deck. I always thought that Noise have the strongest ID ability but most of the deck that was put together (even the previous version you put a link to) wasn't able to get out enough of him. Only powerful virus 3x, a LOT of econ and a really great tutor that I never realize its potential before I saw it in your deck. Noise needed to stop clicking for 1 credits. I'm sure that after trying Noise V a couple times many people will put their Andromeda deck aside and bring this one at their next tournament.

17 Jul 2014 Thike

I've got to ask, how do you beat Personal Evolution "80% of my deck does net damage" decks? I've been running a similar style for Noose for a while, and can't figure out how to consistently beat them without swapping Medium for Keyhole.

17 Jul 2014 chanstheorem

Broadly speaking, my strategy for beating that type of deck with any runner is to draw cards and run, not caring too much about installing anything until I need it. There is enough redundancy in this deck that if you really need a breaker in the late game then you can probably rescue it.

19 Jul 2014 SyntaxLost

Why Liberated Account over Daily Casts? The deck is quite click intensive when you want to do something (Kati, Crypsis, Knight and installs), so I'm curious why you made this choice.

19 Jul 2014 chanstheorem

Liberated Account is for burst economy - often unloading most of it in one turn. I did used to play Daily Casts but found that the tempo loss of spending 3 credits and subsequent drip took too much pressure off the corp and gave too much of a scoring window.

20 Jul 2014 PsiNorm

Personally, I've found the 6 credit cost prohibitive. I am usually operating with only a few credits at a time, so Katie and Sure Gamble are my burst (and your Lucky Finds - which are Easy Marks in my deck). I run Armitage Codebusting instead as a cheap reliable trickle, giving me the credits to install a virus or pay for a cheap run so I can keep pressure on while waiting for a burst of cash. It could just be my play style though. I may play a bit more aggressively though, I can't wait to save up 6 credits when there are weak points to exploit.

20 Jul 2014 chanstheorem

It's probably a difference in play style. I am very aggressive at the start and end of the game but in the middle I like to float at around 10 credits to keep tempo and be a constant threat to the corp.

22 Jul 2014 SyntaxLost

Have you tried PPVP in Noise? You don't get the Kate discount but you have a comparable number of events and draw cards pretty aggressively that the payoff should still be pretty good across the length of a game.

23 Jul 2014 chanstheorem

I haven't tried Pre-paid Voice Pad but I can think of a lot of reasons why it would not improve my game.

  1. I don't like cards that I must draw early to get use out of. There is not a single card in my deck that MUST be drawn early for me to play well.

  2. I would be forced to take out economy cards to make room for PPVP and I honestly think that every single one currently in my deck is going to make me more money short or long term. In fact, I think Daily Casts would be even better than PPVP and that didn't make the cut.

  3. I know I will never be happy about installing a PPVP due to the tempo hit.

  4. I don't want the game to be lengthy.

  5. I think Kate's 1 credit install discount is actually what makes PPVP work.