The Latchkey Kid

Chimpster 484

Playing my event version of this deck at a casual tournament made it clear to me that sharpshooter doesn't cut it in the current meta (seeing a horrific amount of Jinteki ICE atm), equally, I'm sick to death of not seeing planned attack early (or seeing it too late to matter) and half the time I would have preferred a decent event card instead. Same old thing has the same problem, 3 clicks is only worth it if you're siphoning and that is a huge investment in influence if you're going to be consistent with it (which planned attack doesn't help enough with). Indexing is a great card but it can get click intensive, especially if you use it with same old thing.

So, enter the program variant of CT, keyhole to replace indexing, Sneakdoor to replace legwork, parasite recursion to deal with low str ice and faerie recursion to blow through sentries cheap. Mimic is there to be an SMC option for breaking sentries on the fly if the Faerie may not be appropriate. Test Run/Scavenge is still there for the Femme. Very important to have good sentry options in any situation. 1x Deus X to deal with those pesky Jinteki trap decks so I can check remotes with impunity.

Early doors MO is everything and this can lead to MU problems, MU is the key problem with this deck currently I feel. That being said, it's important to clarify that you'll only be bringing out the relevant program each game, you're never going to have Sneakdoor and keyhole out at the same time for instance. If a program does have to leave to board, clone chips and scavenge can bring back key threats or breakers when they are needed again. Dino is there to hopefully alleviate the mem problem as well as boost up a breaker of my choice to deal with key taxing ice threats (eli, inazuma etc). Escher is there to also cause problems to taxing decks and add some much needed HQ pressure. At the right time it can be absolutely devastating. Because I really don't want to see Dino in duplicates or even at all in some games, I've gone for 2x Dino and 2x Mem Chip. Being able to hit 6 memory by the midgame is quite important for this deck and they have the added bonus of doubling up as power shutdown defence.

Finally, modded works well with the style of deck as most programs about half of my hardware is cost 3 or higher. Opening hand Modded or Sure Gamble makes getting the MO out early much easier and also allows for further aggression early doors.