Ready For Anything 2.0

Pinkwarrior 2294

I feel that the professor was an interesting id but lacking cards to make actually useful, however i think that now hes becoming more viable so i thought id build a deck for him.

Keyhole, Imp and Deus X are in to make short work of key cards and punish high trap Jinteki players, no fear of junebug with 3 counters on when you have a Deus X.

Nerve and medium allow R&D and HQ punishment.

Djinn is an obvious choice here allowing you to look for what ever virus you feel you need at the time.

Scavenge is a key card in this deck as it dose so much for you. allows testrun combo play, transitioning from one breaker suite to another, reusing imps / moving Femme tokens, or a seudo clone chip with something you no longer need.

Toolbox what can i say its amazing, 2MU is needed in here 2 link helps alot as-well and free creds is always nice. as much as i like desparado this is a better fit (which is good cos i couldn't have it in here if i wanted to) 1 major flaw i feel this deck has is a major reliance on opus for cash. id like to put pro contacts in but currently i feel i need everything that's in it maybe i will find something that i can trade out as i test the deck more.

Feel free to comment


Removed 1 datasucker in favor of express delivery datasucker has limited used in here with the ability to just swap out breakers if their struggling.

Took out 2 diesel to fit in a underworld and paintbrush, underworld will be nice when the toolbox is out but i dont want 3 in the deck as toolbox is my only link so their dead cards till i get it. i want to see how much use i can make out of the paintbrush with the fixed breakers plus it means i make runs cheaper.

Added a levy taking cards to 46 i feel this card is becoming an auto include into decks because of all the damage kicking about, and is a nice safety net if nothing else.

12 Jul 2014 x3r0h0ur

If you're running passive resources for econ, just run Daily casts, it'll work every time and make as many credits as UWC would get you. I'd fit in 2-3 dailys honestly. Not sure how though.

12 Jul 2014 Pinkwarrior

hmm you maybe right their i wanted something that don't run out, also am not a fan of daily casts. I cud drop a same old thing for another slot so i think ill try both out and see which works out better.

ta for the suggestion.