The Executive Retreat

bionicsheep 1360

Bernice Mai just wanted a nice holiday away from work. Little did she know that every corporation accidentally booked spring break (record scratch) in the same hotel!

This summer, will it be Corporate War? Or will they end up dancing the Corporate Shuffle? Who knows what kind of hijinks and shenanigans will ensue at . . . The Executive Retreat.

Acceptable ships:

  • Bernice Mai / Isabel McGuire
  • Toshiyuki Sakai / Director Haas
  • Jackson Howard / Elizabeth Mills (although she'll break his big soft heart, probably by blowing up his hotel room)
  • Thomas Haas / Thomas Haas

(Please be wary of this extremely effective and highly functional deck)

13 Jul 2014 herod1204

I absolutely love the description for this deck, but how do you actually pilot it?

13 Jul 2014 bionicsheep

@herod1204 I've literally no idea, but I'm pretty sure narrating it is more important than actually trying to win with it anyhow.

13 Jul 2014 bionicsheep

For the record: this is more of a theme deck / novelty deck than anything I intend to actually play, but if you're hankering for something goofy to mix up your tuesday night netrunner evenings then maybe give The Executive Retreat a spin?

14 Jul 2014 herod1204

Ha! I spent a good five minutes trying to work out how the deck played, thinking there was some super secret awesome win combo!

14 Jul 2014 kyledoesntknow

Chairman Hiro x Director Haas OTP

14 Jul 2014 jeibel

Thank you, now i'm imagining this weird romantic comedy with Bernice as the poor girl with an heart of gold , bumbling around corp higher-ups and trying to score it big swooning Haas JR and redeeming the prick. Netrunner Fanfic !

19 Jul 2014 Him

Looks like nobody's keeping HQ during the retreat ! I can see a dispossessed ristie in the back, holding a big unregistered badass gun !

Hope Akitaro and Caprice are on duty somewhere. If not, play restoring face. Fits both the flavor and the situation.

20 Jul 2014 bionicsheep

Thanks for the front page! :)

20 Jul 2014 YurikaSama

I like this deck!! let corporate war begin!! I think weyland would win :p

20 Jul 2014 Kroen

You have 1 influence left. How about Alix?

20 Jul 2014 bionicsheep

@Kroen Alix might be a good shout. Wasn't sure what to do with that last influence. As @Him suggested, Restoring Face would be best, but I don't have the influence for it.

22 Jul 2014 Rhorik

i feel like Rob Schneider should be in this movie....

23 Jul 2014 DrunkenGineer

If you're shipping Thomas Haas x Thomas Haas, why not throw a second Thomas Haas in the deck for that last pip?