Whizzard Anti-FA DT

tvaduva 234

This is João Almeida's (Hraklea) deck for this BGG forum that I'm trying out: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1180200/anarch-vs-nbn-what-i-learned-after-40-matches-in-o

Some of his notes:

  • Against NBN, it doesn't matter how many Xanadus and Rooks your Reina Roja manage to install, you'll never hurt the Corp as much as Whizzard (Howard + SanSan = free trashes) and Parasites on Pop-up Windows do. Astro/Biotics is too fast to waste time playing chess. Whizzard is boss here.

  • Account Siphon is broken, I know. But NBN, due Sweeps Week and Shipment from SanSan, can avoid it by staying low on credits. A smart player will do that. Also, an ICE in HQ might prevent me from getting my credits in a key moment of the match. When your opponent is fast as Astro/Biotics is, you can't afford to have your main economy card denied like that.

  • Nerve Agent is a monster in this match up. Multi HQ access forces the Corp to protect HQ in a deck that doesn't have a lot of ICEs. It is a must have if you expect to have any reliable chance of winning against NBN.

  • Hemorrhage is terrible in this match up. I still like the card against Haas-Bioroid and Weyland, but it is probably the worse card in the game against NBN. Even Disrupter is more useful.

  • Burst economy is more important than end game economy. Cards like Magnum Opus and Desperado are not worth their influence cost in this match up.

  • Captain obvious here, but using Frame Job to slow NAPD Contract down is not worth it. Even when you forfeit a Breaking News. I tested it!

  • Demolition Run makes Medium faster and transforms Nerve Agent in a killer machine. It took a little while, but Demolition Run is finally a scary card. I won't remove them from my deck any time soon.

18 Jul 2014 VandaarNetrunner

I like the tough choices you make - easy mark over sure gamble, spinal modem over deep red, demo run and vamp over account siphon - but how do you manage your 5 MU beetween caissa, virus & standard breakers?

19 Jul 2014 Nordrunner

Cool deck. Interesting you have so many '2 ofs'. Are you getting enough mileage from the DLR to justify the whole package (josua, fall guy, DLR)

Donut makes a great addition to anti FA decks, especially with Whizzard trashing everything. If anyone has not played against Donut, go experience the agony.

21 Jul 2014 tvaduva

Sorry if this is bad form, but this is Hraklea's deck from a BGG form. I had the link before, but I edited the description to make it more clear. I'm testing it out and will be making my own changes. The only reason I published it was to import it into the Net Deck app.

RE: MU - There isn't really an optimal rig before playing the game. With only 1x Mimic/Yog.0, I wouldn't count on them. Most of the time you're either trashing ICE with Parasite or getting through with Knight. Or, both. Medium and Nerve Agent are there to pressure the right server, but you won't probably be able to get through both, so most likely the choice is easy of which to trash. I don't think MU is an issue.

RE: 2 ofs - I believe Hraklea treated it as different packages, instead of individual cards (i.e. 4x card draw in Masanori/QT, 8x central pressure in DR/Vamp/Medium/NA, etc.). I'll have to keep testing, but DLR is just a bonus (enabled by either Joshua B. or MAsanori). The card you want to get is Joshua B., Fall Guy protects your Resources, but is also a click/credit neutral card if you don't need it. This deck is pre-H&P, but I'll have to try out Donut after some more testing.