Inside Kate's Mind

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15 Jul 2014 alientoyshop

Ok, here's the plan.

3 R&D Interfaces. Overmind with a bunch of counters and E3 to bust through anything. And more hardware than you know what to do with.

I've had a lot of trouble coming up with a runner deck I've wanted to play with, and I think I've finally found it.

Here's how a game typically goes: First turn, ideally get Inside Man up, and then get a Replicator up. It's probably the only one of each you're going to play (feel free to trash them afterwards). If you have to Hostage for him, that's ok, it sucks, but it's better than not playing him.

Consider making a single run on a central, just don't lose your pieces, and try not to get tagged.

After first turn, start playing some hardware out. Try to play one hardware a turn, and play it before drawing so you replicate it out of your deck.

Get your Logos up EARLY. Maybe even first turn against some opponents.

Try not to let on too much what you're doing early on. Don't discard anything that might give you away too soon.

Kati is great to get out in most cases, essential in a few match ups (PE in particular). Aesop can chill out until you need him later.

At some point in the early to midgame, start playing out the RD Interfaces. It'll take 3 full turns to get out unless you're super rich. At this point the Corp will either start to ICE their RD somethin' fierce (I've seen 5-6 pieces on RD, but don't let that scare you) or they start to score out agendas in a remote. Note that HQ tends to be lightly defended after all this, keep that in mind.

When you've finished out your RD Interface trifecta, hopefully you've got a way to play Overmind, and a Stimhack in hand. If the Corp scored an agenda out, you can Logos one of those pieces. If you had the luxury of having those pieces already, you can grab your e3 Feedback Implants.

Play your Overmind, and Stimhack away. Have fun looking at 4 cards in RD.

If you're fairly sure they're about to score a 3 pointer, or score an important 2 pointer, consider breaking out the Overmind + Stimhack combo early. It's worth it to grab an AstroScript.

Ok this is all well and good, but how about different match ups?

NBN fast advance: Steal that Astro. Trash that San San with Stimhack. Get up in their face. Play RD Interface early if you have an opening and go go go. Try to find your Inti if you're hitting a lot of Wraparounds.

Midseasons: Get your Dysons up if possible. Also get a Plascrete up. Find Kati. If possible, wait until you've got your 3 RD Interfaces. Easier said than done.

HB: Get that e3. I've cut through RD dataforts with Janus and Heimdall and Ichis before with that thing. If they're willing to give you some time to build up, take it.

Cerebral Imaging: Uhh, man I don't even know. I tend to win if I run HQ. I don't tend to win running RD.

NEXT Design: Hit HQ early, maybe run their remote. If they're not willing to play anything out, build up. The RD run might be super easy later, because their other NEXT pieces aren't rezzed. I haven't played these guys much.

Other HB thoughts: Consider finding one of your Feedback Filters if you suspect Cerebrals. This'll take the sting out of running on a 2 advance agenda with a Stimhack (HB does often have 3 pointers).

Jinteki PE: Feedback Filter as early as possible, as well as Kati. You can actually be really bold and play out your RD Interfaces. In fact, you can power your Feedback Filter with Stimhack! It seems counter intuitive, but it kinda works. Probably play at least 1 Plascrete out as soon as you get it.

Jinteki RP: uggggh. Caprice Nisei is not your friend. Get lucky? Trash her from hand? I don't know. Needs more testing.

Tennin Institute: Also a tricky match up. Try to make easy runs early to stop the Trick of Light game. At some point it's unavoidable. FIND THE THIRD MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH.

Weyland: Plascrete. There tend to be 3 pointers. Find em. Just not too soon OH GOD YOU'RE DEAD.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some really important archetypes.

Keep in mind that people might think you're dumb. You're playing Inside Man and Replicator, what's wrong with you? Logos out of Kate? Use this to your advantage.

Have fun!