Jinteki 15.5 (Chirs Hinkes' 2014 Cambridge Regional Winner)

saracenus 1017

This the deck that Chris "Zeromus" Hinkes (NY) piloted to victory at the 2014 Cambridge, MA Regional. His designation Jinteki 15.5 tells you how much he honed this deck down to a razor sharp stiletto that killed all but one opponent (the exception didn't beat this deck, he went down via AP).

My plan is to play this deck as is for a bit, to learn its tech (helping me avoid dying to it and decks like it). If I get bored with my RP deck I might start building on this proven foundation as new cards come out in the Lunar cycle.

16 Jul 2014 Face

I been running this for the past few days since watching the youtube videos of Chris. Seriously the most fun deck i've played. I've dropped Scorched Earth and Ronin for two Shipment from MirrorMorph to really make the shell game immense and leverage Diversified Portfolio

16 Jul 2014 saracenus

Face, cool! I need to Grok the original first before I start tinkering. How quickly did you adapt to the play style seen in the videos? BTW, for those that have not seen this deck in action...

Links to the videos featuring this deck in action: Vid 1: www.youtube.com Vid 2: www.youtube.com Vid 3: www.youtube.com Vid 4: www.youtube.com

Link to the original deck over on Metor: netrunner.meteor.com

16 Jul 2014 Face

``@saracenus` I have been a Jinteki player since that fella won worlds a couple of years ago. Found other corps do not suit my style. Love the mind games and poker face of Jinteki. I have been looking for an excuse to use Shipment from MirrorMorph as work compression. Found this deck has a crux point. Needs to either score early Gila or spam the servers so quick that Diversified Portfoliois an 8+ cred bump. It gets unmanageable for the runner at that point. And simply ignore your server farm for R&D runs.

24 Jan 2015 Sinbu

I wouldn't drop the Ronin though. It combos with so much of this deck. He wins off ronin in the videos frequently