w1kk 22

I've playtested this enough now to publish it. It's a fun deck that puts your nerves to the test. It performs amazingly well and it's great if you like bluffing and "mindgames".

It's a rush deck in Jinteki colors. You want to score your first agenda as fast as possible to put the pressure on the runner. It's amazong the amount of pressure you're under when anything threatens the match. Snares are to protects R&D and your hand, Shi Kyu your hand and archives (also, they mean the runner needs 3 agendas to win) and shocks protect R&D and archives. Ronin is there to threaten the flatline, and because when they see it, then everything is potentialy deadly, so they can't just leave your advanced assets there. Cerebral is to use those mistakes to make the runner miserable. Zaibatsu is a necesary evil in this deck because you can't have your assets exposed. The ICE is to make things as taxing as possible for the runner on R&D, which is probably the only place where they will find agendas (jackson helps with your hand and archives). The chimeras are there to stop those pesky siphons from getting to you until they have a full rig. By that time you should have enough money to not care about them that much.

Give it a try, it's fun and different, and although it seems like a PE deck, it's a different kind of monster.

19 Jul 2014 ChiefEmann

Have you considered dropping 3x Eli and a Jackson in place of 2x Archived Memories/Reclamation order? Might do wonders to recur Mushin No Shin. Additionally, I don't think Shock will be doing much for you; might consider Trick of Light? Between Mushin No Shin and Trick of Light, seems like its possibly to never have a moment when they are running on traps/agendas

19 Jul 2014 w1kk

I tried trick of light, but because you still need to install your agendas first, they are still vulnerable for a turn. You don't want to spend deck space just to move advancement counters around if that doesn't let you score from hand. Also, the Elis are to make R&D runs as taxing as possible, because that's where your agendas are most of the time. You already run too few ICE, you don't want less than that.