Ian Sterling in: From Runner With Love

Hadhfang 20

Savoir-faire allows me to install Grappling Hook / Copycat as needed to get into servers. Inside job makes it all a bit easier to get in.

Clone Chips should allow me plenty of recursion to keep getting into servers with limited need for breakers, although Corroder and Ninja should be able to break most stuff. Peacock is there because of influence concerns but also as a last resort against troublesome code gates.

With Mr. Li, Hostage, and Special Order I should be able to set my rig up relatively quickly. Playing as Stirling means if I get behind then I'll be able to catch up soon enough, and Logos will let me get the event or program I need at that specific time to even the score.

Strategy wise is to initially play aggressively and try to score early, rather than sit back and let the Corp score. Once that's happened, I can take time to set up to break in again later, accumulating enough credits to do a number of destructive runs and still have change left over.

Happy to hear anybody's thoughts on the deck.