SanSan South Doppelganger Tester

bcavalier 258

An experiment to try to make Doppelganger really work. Has pretty good success against many decks, the exception being Vince's stupid ST deck where Heimdall 2.0's are strength 8 and Viktor 2.0's are strength 6. Does run a little lean on cash, which is why being able to Siphon is a must, as well as Dirty Laundrying a Security Testing server then popping over to the server you really want in is a must.

You've also got to be able to play a gambit well. Try Dirty Laundrying into HQ with Unrezzed ICE to get the corp to rez, Then pull the appropriate breaker and Siphon.

Masanori is Phenomenal, as he replaces your run event, then gives an option to tag yourself once your DLR is out (hit your Security testing server then doppelganger in and jack out for your tag).

SCRUBBER DOES WORK. Oh holy crap it does. Maybe its my meta, but assets are back, and man do those 2 credits get used. Against HB I'll install both. It's crazy good, Tenma built properly with scrubbers is almost like playing Gabe with Whizzard as a copilot. Think of it this way, early game will you let a Jackson you've already abused get trashed just to tax the runner? Not with Scrubber out. Remember, reoccurring credit cards come into play with their credits, so if you see an asset you wanna trash, name it with testing, drop your scrubber, hit it twice (Doppelganger) and MAKE money from trashing it.

The deck isn't ready for regionals, but its close, needs a little help to take down Red Coats, but still puts the pressure on pretty well, and can squeak out wins against taxing ICE decks ... against FA or Burn down decks its a nightmare.

19 Jul 2014 mtblocks

Nice deck - I'm loving the Doppelganger/SecTesting/Johnny combo right now as well. Am running a similar, albeit more gimmicky, deck for League at the moment and am having great success with it, however our scene's meta is flat out Jinteki and NBN FA so I've tailored a lot of it toward that.

I love the DLR mix up you have with John. Would like to know if Emergency Shutdown was a meta-choice or not - I never had much use for it because I've never found my scene rezzing much dangerous ice that I can't get around cheaply.

I'm a bit confused by the breaker situation you've got going on. I don't see much need for 3 Knights in this deck, when you have 2x full suite and 3x Special Order, with Johnny for free draws. If you're looking at help against Jinteki net damage, in lieu of Knight you can squeeze in 2x Indexing and have a free card slot for something else (maybe another Shutdown?).

As far as the FA goes, I think you have the tools you need already. Just got to make sure you don't let them score that first Astro, or leave a SanSanGrid in play. If you really needed a boost against it Infiltration exposure skills are godlike? Honestly I don't know how to get around a FA deck that draws half-decently though :(

Good luck with the deck! Tenma needs more rep!

19 Jul 2014 wswan

This looks beautiful. My problem is that your episode about how good all the other consoles are came out just after I bought my second core set and was super excited to try to make a deck with some Desperadoes in it :)

My GF is playing Whizzard now and I fully understand how powerful Scrubber can be because of that. Definitely going to try and squeeze it into more decks.

19 Jul 2014 InsaneGenius

Nice deck & really enjoy the podcasts!! Been wanting to try something different & a little out of left field, so look forward to testing it out on club nights over the next few weeks. Let's find out if Doppelgänger really beats Desperado!!

19 Jul 2014 bcavalier

@mtblocks Emergency Shutdown is absolutely a meta choice, there's a lot of players here running expensive taxing ice, as well as some big bioroids, so ES is specific to San Diego. And Knights are a hold over from the Good Knight Gabe this evolved from, I wouldn't take them out though, it's what makes early Account to Siphons and Legworks land. The suite is certainly a work in progress though, may wanna find a way to squeeze in some data suckers ...