Pound Puppies 1.3

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liquidcooled 134

7/20/14 v1.3- Replaced Desperado with Toolbox, removed LLDS. Pups are too efficient and don't cycle quickly enough to warrant the +1 buff.

MO is the boss of this deck, fueling runs and making it possible to keep the puppies active. I switched back from ZU.13 to Gordians after adding 3 modded. Plus after I played a NEXT deck that had 5 cost Bronzes, i was really missing the snowball effect of Gordians.

Added 1 Stimhack: Even though this deck seems to be ok with money, sometimes you need that extra push to get a Makers Eye/Legwork to land late game.

Added 3 Modded: I added this after playtesting about 6 games. It takes the bite out of a lot of the larger programs/hardware and passively support the MO econ.

I may switch to Kate but I haven't decided whats more important, the draw that I get, or the extra credits.

May need to fit in Indexing, but dont want to spread too thin.

v1.2--edited-- Concept deck for Exile. Cerberus suite with Gordians for a decoder.

SMC, Test Run to tutor, Aesops to trash when counters are empty, effectively making Cujo free and Lady 1 credit. I chose Gordians over Rex. I wanted to put in keymaster just to fit the scheme... but swords are cool too.

Win condition is primarily R&D lock with running big dirty remotes as a secondary since i should be able to get in tall servers at least twice per turn if i have to.