Store Tournament winner Fort Wayne IN - Dirty Hands Exile

x3r0h0ur 8731

Won a little 9 man tourny in Fort Wayne IN (yay Reina playmat). Went 3-1 on the day. This was run as the original Dirty Hands Exile (-1 stimhack +1 crescentus). I'm posting as I will be playing it going forward since Stimhack is stronk.

Basically you're never a turn away from getting into a server, tough to keep out, lots of angles of attack, requires good knowledge of your deck and ice in general. Can't change much more since it was almost perfect in its original form.

After astrolabe comes out, that'll replace 1 akamatsu, duh.

Corp deck is this one: 3-1 on the day, 3 scorches 1 loss on agendas. Solid all day as usual.

20 Jul 2014 Captain

I love seeing the Exile winning Tournaments. He's probably my favorite shaper.

20 Jul 2014 x3r0h0ur

Sadly, I think since it's original incarnation, I think this deck has moved more into Kate territory. I often felt scrunched by 1-2 credits, I'm hoping the stimhack relieves that, or I might have to try kate for a while.

21 Jul 2014 Captain

Can you play without the Plascretes? I ask because if so, you could maybe sub in some PPV. Is Scorch still big in your meta? Ours has shifted away from it.

21 Jul 2014 x3r0h0ur

I would not. You would need to run very passive against weyland, who can rush fast and put lots of pressure on your recursion.

My loss was against a weyland actually. I did double QT and not find a freelance, and later double diesel and QT and still no freelance...and found 1 clone chip in that game so maybe I would have won, but definitely having 1 plascrete on the table helped alleviate the pressure.

Ppvp isn't that great of a card here since there's not a lot of op econ or paid runs, the 2 cr tempo hit isn't worth it to me, especially over plascrete.

21 Jul 2014 Captain

Congratulations on the win, I hope that you can sort the credit issue the deck. I'll link you a copy of my exile build. Mine runs on a much different economy with Armitage, Daily casts, Aesops and FCC as my only econ cards; perhaps it will give you some ideas. Cheers : )

21 Jul 2014 Captain

Sorry about that previous link, I didn't realize that it wouldn't work without publishing the deck first.

21 Jul 2014 Masterkira

I think this deck with Kate is much more competitive...29 cards work with her Id's ability...but, congratulation for the victory x3r0h0ur ;) ! With Exile it's not simple !

22 Jul 2014 x3r0h0ur

I think that getting cards into the heap is more important than 1 credit though, and I frequently will only install via test run, so the 1 credit ability is lost when that happens. It mainly would save effort on clone chips and akamatsus, but sometimes in tutoring on the fly. The draw is nice for helping to seed the discard...its almost a toss up. I feel like 1 stimhack would save me enough credits to make up for the ability, and make me not miss the 1 cred discount, vs the 1 card draw.