Store Tournament Winner Dayton, OH - Keystone

ItJustGotRielle 2932

There is not much to say for this deck- speed is key. In practice I named this copy "Back to Basics", although GRNDL deck I have been playing in one version or another since its release has always been known as Keystone.

Because of the tightened influence, I opted to not run the Accelerated Shutdown combo. I have a one-of Inazuma, which is an MVP for this deck when I can fish it out with Project Atlas, although I typically use Atlas as a way to threaten Scorch while my money runs high, or for Power Shutdown when money is low and I need a scoring window. Weyland as a whole, more so than other corps, has to know when they have a scoring window. Because of your easy to break binary ice, you rarely have more than 1 turn to squeak an agenda out. That's where the program trashing edge of this deck shines, namely Power Shutdown which is an amazing card. AMAZING card.

Things you can Power Shutdown:

-Datasucker for 1

-Corroder for 2

-Passport for 1

-Clone Chip for 1

-My personal favorites, Faerie and SMC both for 0.

Runners are not idiots. You have to have HQ defended, have a remote set up, and be ready to give them the IAA. Wait for them to play a breaker or integral piece of their rig, then drop an agenda and advance it when you're holding a Power Shutdown or a Scorch/SEA source. Force them to run on you, and then punish them. This is what being Weyland is all about.

You dictate the pace of the game as Weyland. You start with 10 credits, so being Siphoned is basically the worst thing that can happen to you. Always expect it, even out of faction. Just do NOT let them have your HQ. You don't want them knowing you have 'the combo' ready.

Early game, resist the urge to score that Hostile Takeover. Your priority is scoring that Atlas at 4 to get a single token on it. That token represents your control of this game. As long as it is unused, the runner will have to respect you. If they play a plascrete and run at you, you play the Power Shutdown game. If they refuse to run until they have the cash to match you, you put another agenda down and either score or make them run. If you know they can get in to that remote, bluff your agenda by playing a Hedge Fund/Restructure click 1, and then installed a Hostile Takeover for Click 2 and advancing it once. Let them burn themselves out for a single point, this gives your your score window when you Shutdown a key breaker on your next turn, then install and advance the next Atlas (or Geothermal if you don't have an Atlas).

Jacksons serve multiple purposes (as usual, that's why he's so good). Install him on your last click early in the game to keep your opponent guessing, hoping they'll face check the remote with the Grim or Inazuma into Archer server. If you have the balls to, with the Jackson down Shutdown for 5 and kill that early Opus (but seriously, probably don't do that :P). I primarily use Jacksons as a way to recur Power Shutdowns. Yes, they're that good.

On that note, criminal is your hardest matchup, because you can't flip a Grim and trash an event. Know how to bait the Inside Jobs. Shutdown their first Faerie or Corroder and see how they react. Andromeda is still very popular and still very dependent on Datasucker, which is an easy shutdown, and in the world of deck tuning very few people still run Lemuria Codecracker or Inti specifically for Shutdown protection anymore, so you can guarantee trashing that first Datasucker.

Things to avoid:

-An opener that involves 2 code gates or 2 barriers installed as your first two ice on HQ and R&D. Special Order and Test Run exist, and Siphon and Indexing are still in about 50% of ever deck under the sun.

-Remember that a runner knows you will set program trashing ice in front of ETR ice. This can be important to know when it comes to Inside Job and Test Running a Femme. Let them Inside Job an ETR in front and walk into a Grim and onto R&D. They'll be spending a lot of credits to break through the Grim, even if they do get the access. Weyland has inherent risk involved.

-Don't telegraph what you have in HQ.

Example 1: Do not play 2 Restructures and then set 'something' in a remote. These brazen attempts to 'call out' the runner are asking for trouble. You will get account siphoned. They will Security Test it. Or typically, they will just run it and then last click drop a Plascrete and ruin your plan B. Subtlety is key. You dictate the pace of the game, and your strength lies in what they runner thinks you are capable of. This is why is is paramount to guard HQ more than R&D when only 1 is viable.

Example 2: Do not telegraph that you have "the combo in hand" by drawing no more than once a turn, but not playing anything but redundant ice, or additional economy cards. Agendas are being drawn, and they are going somewhere. Not into remotes... so where? Archives? Or HQ? You can NOT stop moving, or you'll be overtaken by the runner. Do not force the scorch opportunity.

Set your remotes up with varying ice types with the goal of getting a Shutdown off on a key breaker, and then use that scoring window. Enigma is best served on centrals, because losing a click doesn't particularly matter when they're running your remote. Get the Quandary on a remote as a 1 cost ice they have to fish for a 4 -5 cost decoder for. Don't let them have a breaker suite. Separate your ice variety across key remotes and centrals so that the runner has to choose which server to focus when fishing for breakers or using their recursion to bring them back. Best of luck trying the deck, and remember, PLAY FAST AND CONTROL THE PACE!

23 Jul 2014 LegalizeStimHack

First. Also thanks for the inside information and another awesome write up. Next month is my turn! Stuffs about to get NASIRIOUS mofo.

23 Jul 2014 Argamas

Congrats on the win! I'd like to record this deck for Stimhack. Could you please tell how many people attended and what the name of the winner was.

24 Jul 2014 ItJustGotRielle

@Argamas The name of the winner was Kyle Gordon(me). There were 10 people present (if memory serves me correctly, it may have been 11. I can't remember if there was a first round bye or not.)

25 Jul 2014 Argamas

Thank you for your trouble!

25 Jul 2014 Cancer Ace

I just want to say that while I like this list, what I really like is your username. I might steal that name to call my next Kit build.

25 Jul 2014 hi_impact

A classical Weyland deck that advances agendas under threat of retaliation. Finely and expertly tuned. Great deck!

15 Aug 2014 nungunz

Opionion on going with Anonymous Tip over Jackson (a la Supermodernism)?

16 Aug 2014 ItJustGotRielle

@nungunz Anonymous Tip is favored in a rush deck a la Supermodernism, and I agree that it is better for that deck type. This deck doesn't lose its teeth as bad in the mid to late game, so Jackson is more desired. It's a multi-purpose tool for keeping strong cards in R&D and allowing me to Shutdown several times within a game. The new version of this deck that I'm using splashes a single Biotic Labor, which is the best thing I've done for the deck in terms of splash. Biotic removed the current Weyland problem of "I have 20 credits, but they have Plascrete, so I guess I lose." I am adding the deck to the list and will link it after I complete this thought.

16 Aug 2014 ItJustGotRielle

For everyone interested, here is the most updated version of this deck. I have never had better success with a Corp deck since I began playing: