4th Place San Rafael Regional Gabe Deck (7-1)

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ctz 2209

Extremely consistent deck, which is what I wanted for such a massive and competitive group of players (80). Had zero problems against NBN FA and Jinteki PE. My only loss as runner on the day was against a big ice HB ETF, which finished off as 4-7 corp.

2-0 Jinteki PE
1-1 HB ETF
1-0 Jinteki RP

22 Jul 2014 nobo


29 Jul 2014 TheRobin

how come you play a single Deus X when you have no way of tutoring it up? Isn't that a problem in the matches where you really need it, that it might not show up at all (and vice versa, it might show up randomly in all the other matchups)?

29 Jul 2014 TheRobin

ah, facepalm, nvm: You obviously have Special Order for that. I've been playing Shaper for so long I didn't even think of Special Order haha.

29 Jul 2014 ctz

Yup yup :) I can bring in with special order, and bring back with clone chips if necessary. Against Jinteki and HB, I would play if I drew it, or use my first or second special order to grab it depending on my how my rig was doing. Against NBN, I would not use it. Weyland was a coin flip if I would bring it in or not.