Apocalos - Top Los at American Continentals

Limes 563

This is the Apocalypse Los deck I played at American Continentals. It went 2-4 in the end (ID'd the 7th round) which isn't great, but was a blast to play and seemed to amuse people when it appeared on stream in round 1. Some (most?) of the losing record was probably down to pilot error, but being the only Los deck in the tournament I was guaranteed the top spot for the ID, which really boosted my spirits when it started losing games.

Sadly I can't claim to be the first to come up with the idea - that slightly dubious honour instead goes to manicmoleman, whose takes on it can be found here and here.

Los is probably a bit of an underrated ID at the moment, in my opinion. In ideal circumstances he gives you 2 credits per turn in the early game, which can really help you to be aggressive and helps to combat lots of the rushy decks which are in vogue at the moment. He's also got some great tools in Flip Switch and Bravado, which can further help you be aggressive early-on. I never really felt particularly short of money in any of my games.

Some tips:

  • Before starting, consider playing a different deck.
  • Try and get the corp to rez exactly one ice per turn, to make best use of your ID.
  • Buffer Drive and Muertos Gang Member are a neat combo, allowing you to clicklessly return your Apocs to your hand from your heap after performing the necessary runs. The free rez from Muertos Gang Member doesn't matter if you're about to Apoc everything anyway.
  • The Inside Jobs would perhaps be better as Boomerangs to help get through ice once you've Apoc'd a few times and lost some of your breakers.
  • Once you install your Breach or Passport, you immediately telegraph to your opponent what you're up to. Only install them when you need to! Bukhgalter has better numbers than Alias against the majority of the ice you'll face, which perhaps says something about how busted it is.