Terminal Directive Starter Steve

013 321

Replacement for the starter decks recommended in the rulebook. 1 Core set and 1 Terminal Directive used. REPLACE DATA DEALERS WITH MANDATORY TD RESOURCES.

Criminal is all about aggression, and this deck has a lot of ways to get into servers early and often. 3 Spear Phishing and 3 Inside Jobs let you bypass ice. A single Desperado is significantly better than giving the Corp tempo with Polyhistor. We can get our draw going by importing 2 Diesels.

Money is key, so we have 3 Armitage Codebusting, 2 Bank Jobs, 2 Account Siphons, 3 Sure Gambles, 3 Easy Marks, and a lone Stimhack to help you get into that server when you really need it.

The core idea of this deck is to always be threatening. You can bypass a single ice any time. Any open server is free Desperado or Bank Job money. Most importantly, you threaten BOTH HQ and RnD very hard with Account Siphon and Medium. By being able to access and punish on any server, you should win the tempo game and be able to either dig out RnD with Medium or leave the corp with no way of safely advancing agendas because they're too poor.