Sleeping Dogs WIP

mtblocks 1

WIP - I feel like the Komainu combo would work better with Jinteki: Personal Evolution, but my reasoning is that RP slows the runner down enough to make this combo happen. All it needs to do is work once to win the game, so losing 2 or 3 Agendas won't matter too much.

Since you have Tenma Line and Midori, the Corp should be able to throw whatever ice they get out as soon as they get it and worry about the order later. Most times I've still managed to focus on building up the Komainu Combo on one server without needing to Tenma, which means I can Bullfrog to that server. Alternatively, can build up the Komainu Combo on a remote, ending with a Bullfrog in case of a no kill.

Komainu Kill Combo

Starters: [A] Whirlpool [B] Inazuma

Body: [A] Chum --> Komainu [A] Komainu --> Data Mine/Swordsman [A or B] Komainu --> House of Knives

Perfect World Combo (on a remote protecting an Agenda): Whirlpool --> RSVP --> Bullfrog (spend one cred to hop to Komainu Combo server) --> Komainu --> Data Mine/House of Knives/Swordsman.

Other Ice Layouts:

Central servers should ideally have only one of Uroborus or Komainu rezzed on it until the combo is ready (unless you see an opening to kill a reckless runner).

Remote servers should have RSVP --> Bullfrogs, or Pop-Up windows.

Bullfrogs can be Tenma Line'd back into remotes after activation.

Possible Changes: Remove the Komainu Combo and replace with brain damage click-to-break ice + Jinteki damage

Replace Brain Trust with Nisei Mk 2