I am the tax man. koo koo cachoo.

HepatitvsJ 244

My reworked NBN deck. The entire purpose is to tax the runner so they can't afford to get past ASH, let alone afford NAPD contract. My original deck had more EtR ICE but I realized keeping the runner out isn't always necessary, just keeping them too poor to get past ASH. Katman has started showing up in my meta so I've reworked the ICE for more variety and a swordsman. I decided to put the Data ravens back in because my meta doesn't go tag me often and, if it does, I have 18 other ICE in the deck to play back up. Fast track is incredible in this deck. It was the sole reason I went 3-1 with this in a recent tournament, including a full win vs a timed win. The ability to pull an NAPD contract when the runner is broke or a breaking news to win is just silly.

30 Jul 2014 M3th

You seems to want to tag the runner, but no punishing cards once it's done?

2 Aug 2014 HepatitvsJ

The tag ICE are just there to drain money and/or clicks from the runner. I could drop a couple of ICE for some punishment, closed accounts or bad times but I would rather have 2 red herrings to reinforce the theme than add punishment I need to have at the right time when they are tagged, a situation I have less control over than 2 additional bluff cards in red herrings. bluffing an asset/upgrade to break the runner and then dropping an agenda while they're too poor to get it is priceless. :)