Bad Bag

djackman 975

30 Jul 2014 x3r0h0ur

I know your decks are normally awesome, I'm curious how much you've tested this out. Any nifty plays or is it straight forward? How do you leverage Vulcan Coverup? Is it better than posted bounty as another means to tag? Maybe save your sea sources for the big scorch moment, allowing you to be more liberal with tagging to use Bad times.

Clearly plays as a rush deck though right?

30 Jul 2014 djackman

Yep - its a rush deck. Really, its supermodernism with two new tricks - namely, taurus and bad times.

Vulcan might be better as false lead, but definitely doesnt need to be posted bounty, i dont think. Its a great tempo card - 2 meat damage will invariably cost them 2 clicks, which can easily be the difference between sneaking through a second agenda or not. If they take it on their plascrete instead, thats probably better for you for the SE follow-up.

If you can sea source +2x scorch or bad times, that should be game over. Just like supermodernism, this should get to match point pretty quickly.

Caduceus might make more sense as grim or even guard.

31 Jul 2014 W4lt3r B15h0p

Question about Bad Times. If the running only has two programs(not hosted on hardware) each program is only taking 1 memory each, would it take playing 2 Bad Times to trash them on just one? I'm asking because I can't find an answer in the Reddit forum about this and figure you might know since are using them and hopefully to some success.

31 Jul 2014 djackman

Yes, it would. The bad times accumulate. :) if they have 4 mu max, and you play two bad times, it makes their max mu 0 , which means they have to trash anything that uses mu.