Fiendish Dr. Wu's Institute for Kung-Fu Treachery

WardOfTheWoods 691

Here at Fiendish Dr. Wu's Institute for Kung-Fu Treachery, located on the scenic Kung Fu Island, our studies into scientific biological transmogrifications are only outmatched by our zest for Kung-Fu Treachery©! Tricking silly agents who enter our secret base is easy, thanks to Plan B and our up and coming security expert Toshiyuki Sakai, and our ICE is quite taxing. Everything we do here at the Institute is rather cheap, letting us mass produce our new product, Anaconda Malt Liquor© (Remember: Anaconda Malt Liquor© gives you Woooo)! Our constant shipping lines to Kaguya and San San are helping The Man out in any way we can!

"Fiendish Dr. Wu's Institute for Kung-Fu Treachery gets two Arooos in my book!" - President Richard Nixon

NOTICE: All employees should be wary of the man knowm as Black Dynamite and his dangerous Panther Fist skills; any one with knowledge of his whereabouts should contact Dr. Wu at once.

So here's my take on a Jinteki fast advance deck. Lots of ETR ice here, all of it relatively cheap to rez along with the operations. I threw in Plan B and Toshiyuki Sakai for some trickery, as I have wanted to build a deck around faking out the Runner for a while without doing Iceless Jinteki. The deck could use some extra econ but not sure what I'd replace for some extra stuff. The lone copy of Celebrity Gift is staying a one-of, as the deck requires you to protect your hand to keep the element of surprise alive. I should also note that the deck is not meant to be competitive, I was bored and wanted to make a fun deck. Anyway, enjoy!