Celebrity Surprise! MK II

LeonardQuirm 968

An update to my Celebrity Surprise! deck, using Second Thoughts and a second core set. I've made the following changes:

Agenda: - 3 Gila Hands Arcology - 2 Nisei Mk II + 3 Clone Retirement +3 Profiteering

Asset + 1 Melange Mining Corp (up to 3) -2 PAD Campaign +1 Ronin

Upgrade -1 Hokusai Grid

Operation +1 Neural EMP +1 Trick of Light

ICE -2 Whirlpool

This deck is far, far better than MK I. It's largely a fast-advance deck, using Trick-of-Light plus the score-from-hand of Clone Retirement, but it's also hilariously lethal against anyone who isn't very careful. The key is not to be too predictible - although it's mostly FA, don't be afraid to sometimes leave an Agenda on the table, maybe even with counters. A three advanced False Lead that's been there for a few turns looks like a trap, but it's actually an instant free Neural EMP!

Profiteering is always scored for 15 credits. The ice in this deck is not exactly taxing: it's there to slow the runner down through ETR or damage, so some Bad Publicity isn't an issue.

If/when I work on v3, obvious points to consider are the Ronin (which I don't think I've ever used except as a mind game) and the Matrix Analyzers - although I've hit too many people with a three-advanced Cerebral to be convinced they're not pulling their weight. That said, a second Cerebral Overwriter would be very nice...

Any feedback welcomed!