To the moon, Alice!

coyotemoon722 49

Nasir has been quite the fun challenge. I kinda feel like Kate is just better, but he's fun to win with. He makes running more interesting, which is always good.

Notable Inclusions: The Personal Touch: Boy did I ever underestimate this card. It is truly amazing and saves you a ton of money over the long game.

Pipleline: Never thought I'd be using this breaker. But it's been strong, killing sentries like nobody's business. Run into a strength 2 and throw a Personal Touch on it. Or just Femme larger sentries.

Motivation/Oracle May - Another random thing I never thought I'd include in a deck, but it turns out to be quite the amazing draw/econ engine. I'm a big fan.

Parasite - Strictly in here for Chimera. Chimera single-handedly shuts the deck down, so it's a must-include unfortunately. SMCs are in here to tutor it up, and Clone Chip gets it back. Plus it has the added benefit of just being a good program to kill weak ice with.

Personal Workshop - This is probably obvious to most, but it's just a great econ engine that works well with Nasir's on-the-fly credits. A great include. Though I'm thinking of going to 2.

Other Notes: I have had great success with the deck, but it has required constant refinement over the course of it's existence. I may be getting a little greedy with the 2 Legworks. I think trading them for more Stimhacks and a Corroder may be in order. Tell me what you think!

5 Aug 2014 Heartthrob

I'm a huge Motivation May fan. My fav draw/Econ play in the game.

Do you find Indexing hard to play? If you go for that second run it seems like an easy time for the corp to stuff you.

Like the deck though!