NBN Rush - Season 3 Game Night winner

djackman 975

This deck went undefeated at a (pretty small) game night here in Indy.

The three cards that were stars all night:

  1. Archer: The singleton archer means that its almost impossible for the runner to see it coming, and even in an instance where I had to sac 2 points for it, it still won me the game easily. With archer rezzed on a remote, you almost certainly trashed at least 1 breaker, and you now have a server they can only run once every 3 turns, making your headfakes absolutely brutal.

  2. Ash: Everytime i played ash I either drew an inside job that left the runner with not enough credits to score, or it not only scored me an agenda, but usually the runner couldn't trash it the first time they accessed it. If only I could run 3, haha.

  3. Shipment from Sansan: Its better than beanstalk in that it doesnt cost influence (enabling the Ash play) and saves you clicks otherwise spent solely on econ. Being able to sansan out agendas means that account siphon doesnt wreck you as much, whereas beanstalk in hand wont let you score an installed agenda the turn after a siphon. Being able to score an agenda for free to win the game occurred pretty often - when runners get sick of running your remote and being forced to trash ash, sansan city grid, and jackson, econ denial normally can still let them stop you from scoring. Not so with Shipment from SanSan.

Changes I want: I am going to try beanstalk over GLC, but I'm not sure thats a good idea. The economy for this deck is tight, but sufficient.

ICE: Wall of static is horrible. I could see those being Paper wall once mala tempora is out. For now, i might drop them for 1 enigma 1 jackson howard.

AGENDAS: I'd like to run a third Breaking news, but dont know what to drop for it. Could go down to 1 Gila, but that makes a very tight econ even tighter. Still might try it.

21 Dec 2013 araksna

I love this deck. It makes me win 3 on 4. Viper and Archer here are the real deal. TMI is "a very dirty tricky wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... ice" (not my words). Pure fast-advance corp's policy but astroscript is the difference from going out as winner or a looser. Project Beale (with astroscript) helps to close the game... If you don't have astroscript, PB wins in the long mid game...