Manifest Destiny

wswan 68

Tag! You're it! I hope you don't rely too heavily on resources...

I'll just say it: it's damned hard to make a tagging deck that does anything. You're either stuck with tons of inefficient tagging ice or, even worse, filling up a deck with tag punishment that'll never see the light of day. Runners are just too wary for all those games. If you get 'em once, they clear the tag last click and hold back. We can't allow that.

The other important thing is that this is the NEH horizontal play, with tons of asset econ and some other utility assets. Those are always fun.

Let's talk agendas:

A quick Market Research will throw off the runner's game entirely. If they're still afraid of tags, they'll spend money forever to assure they don't get them. Know this: a smart runner won't pay more than two credits to avoid a tag, as that's the cost of removal. Mind, they also have to spend a click there, but for them it'll be worth it. Click her brains out if she's got Kati Jones, too.

Beale is a great 3/2. Feel free to go above and beyond on it, but this isn't Psychographics/Midseasons time. Any time you need multiple cards to happen together or in the exact correct order is the exact time you should be wary of the difficulty of pulling such a thing off.

Market Research will hopefully be a 4/3, but it isn't always, and that's okay.

TGTBT is always just used as an ambush. I never score these for myself. A classic move is to throw one behind a Hunter and leave it there for the unsuspecting runner. Boom. Two tags.

An aside: tags themselves can do two things. The first is the obvious: allow tag punishment cards and abilities, The second is equally as good though and should not be overlooked. If you tag someone who doesn't want to be tagged or is afraid of losing resources, they will spend CLICKS AND CREDITS removing them, and that's an advantage also.


Money, money, money...

City Surveillance is expensive, but taxing...I'm testing it out, for now.

Snares aren't usually expected and I've killed because of it. Also, don't forget the tag...


Money and then some tag punishment. If your tags are sticking, hold on to these. If the runner is being too cautious, just let them go. If the runner has given up on life (this happens) and is grabbing tags with reckless abandon, Jackson them back. Also, two Bad Times in one turn ruins peoples' nights.

As far as ice goes:

Wraparound is a great early stopper and is inexpensive. One of the pieces of ice you'll use to block money assets, for sure.

Lotus Field is good, taxing, and hates Yog. Plus it's a hard stop.

Tollbooth is great. I didn't have them originally but then figured that I would need a way to spend all this money.

Data Raven is a scarier piece of ice, but eventually a runner will get ballsy enough to pass it. This is central ice at it's finest.

Draco is a toughy. You can either pour all of your money into his strength, and then the runner will beat the trace, or you can keep him at low strength to pour all of your money into the trace, but then he'll be broken. Figure out what your opponent is playing for a killer. This will help. Also, this is a great rez against Account Siphon. Pour all your money into it and you've got a powerhouse and the runner gets nothing from you.

Muckraker is just fun and another piece just to spend money on.

Chimera is the ultimate early game ice. Use it well and score out an early Restructured Datapool if you can. Anything else will work too.

Holy crap I wrote a lot, huh.