ctz 2675

NEXT Design with no core cards (For a special local format in SF). This deck has had a very consistent win percentage (against normal and special format play) and it quite fun to play. Here are some notes on the deck:

-There are two 'tiers' of ice. The NEXT ice along with MG is tier one, while the other massive bioroids make up the other. The NEXT Design ability allows you to get out a bunch of NEXT ice early, giving you room to lay down the big guys for the late game.

-Mutate is the MVP of this deck. If an ice is femme'd or parasited, simply mutate it out, clearing the bad and replacing with some goodness. Worst case you get a NEXT ice that just supports the others. Best case you paid 2 to rez a janus or a wotan for free.

-Tyr's hand is pretty much exclusively in the deck for use with a 'double click' ice. This will most likely be replaced with "Heinlein Grid" once it comes out.

-I am not 100% sold on the Medical Research Fundraiser splash. For the special format it is an okay splash, but not great for regular play. I'd love to hear any suggestions.