reina caissa deck - High Econ version

x3r0h0ur 8633

Knight and bishop assure you're never locked out of sucker tokens...burtsy econ...special order to get the efficient breakers when the knights can't handle the field..Rebates on chess pieces using Scheherazade...Same old thing lets you always have special order available, as well as retrun when you need them.

Morningstar looks like an odd choice, but its for when you can't hold down all the barriers with knights (since how many barriers have more than 1 sub routine? Using knights ends up as or more efficient than corroder). Morning star can be retrieval ran for 3 credits and is quite good when installed. Morning star can chew through barriers no problem...for 1c! That said, you will likely have to get magnum opus onto a djinn to have the MU for it, unless you're only relying on knights at the time you install it.

Money could be really light if you don't find an opus, so Quality time is there to ensure you find one, and have one in the trash if you need to reinstall it with retrun.

Bishops should go on big sentries so mimic can do his thing, unless you have a pile of sucker tokens, then use the bishops as you see fit. They're the lynch pin to this whole operation.

This deck might as well be whizzard honestly, but I know people want to try her, and the caissa programs, so enjoy! Suggestions welcome