Noise Sauce

CodeMarvelous 19754

The word I would use to describe this deck is inevitable. I have milled 2 opponents so far who were playing long game glacier decks. everyone else ends up with all agendas in HQ or the trash.

13 Aug 2014 CodeMarvelous

Cache is super brutal. 7 Credits and a mill for one click.

13 Aug 2014 x3r0h0ur

7 without scheherazade? How?

13 Aug 2014 CJFM

@x3r0h0ur I think he means 5 alone, 6 with Grimoire, 7 with Sahasrara and Grimoire (assuming you pawn it after you're done).

13 Aug 2014 airmarkus

@x3r0h0ur @CJFM Wouldn't it be 3 alone, 4 with Grimoire, 5 with both? Where am I missing the extra credits both of you are adding in.

13 Aug 2014 airmarkus

@x3r0h0ur Nevermind. I didn't read far enough. I missed the pawn part

13 Aug 2014 DrunkenGineer

I don't want to favorite this because your rep is 1337, but I love this deck.

13 Aug 2014 DrunkenGineer

Also, how's the matchup with flatline Jinteki PE? Is it a race to see who mills who first?

14 Aug 2014 theodorelogan

2 alone. 3 if paid for by sahasrara. 4 if with grimoire. 7 is then trashed with aesops

14 Aug 2014 theodorelogan

2 alone. 3 if paid for by sahasrara. 4 if with grimoire. 7 is then trashed with aesops

14 Aug 2014 Diegofsv

This is....beautiful

14 Aug 2014 yeoda

Out of curiosity, why not use cyberfeeder? free up 6 influence by replacing Sahasrara with it.

15 Aug 2014 AsteriskCGY

I think Saha gives out more given the large number of installs that is happening. Between Aesops, Grimore, and Djinn memory shouldn't be an issue. More cards are cycling.

15 Aug 2014 weepinggorilla

Yup, this rules. Would love to see more of a write-up though. Tell us more!

15 Aug 2014 weepinggorilla

Also: no currents? Thoughts?

15 Aug 2014 weepinggorilla

Scrubbed could help Yog out, for sure...

16 Aug 2014 Devet

It also helps that Sahasrara can be used to pay for another Sahasrara. It snowballs pretty aggressively, if you have Djinn. This gives me an idea for a Leprechaun deck, actually...

16 Aug 2014 Diegofsv

This Deck seems just fine in money...why not remove mimics and yog and go all out for crypsis?

16 Aug 2014 Xenasis

Why not Donut Taganes? You only have 6 events and it DESTROYS some decks. I'd probably try swapping one out for a Sahasraha or Pawnshop.

17 Aug 2014 Nushura

@Xenasis Indeed Donut could help attacking corp...but you need to have both Sahsa and Aesop. Maybe one copy would be enough if you can tutor for them...but then you will be spending the influence in the Hostage instead

17 Aug 2014 titonosfe

I'll prefer it with key hole instead of lamprey, and 2 anarch current (47 cards i know)

18 Aug 2014 Myriad

The problem in this deck with cutting a Sahasrara and a Aesop's for the influence you need for a Donut and a Hostage is you pay a price in terms of consistency.

Sahas you definitely want to see early. I typically try to mul for it or Wyldside. It gets the deck going. Aesop's is something that I like to have a spare copy of in my hand so that I can replace one if I get tagged at a bad time. Without Aesop's, this deck begins to really suffer and without Sahas or Cyberfeeders the decks economy limps.

I am planning on testing this to confirm my suspicions.

21 Aug 2014 CJFM

@Myriad Deck does not need Cyberfeeders. Your suspicions are unfounded. You can't cut Aesop's, but maybe one Sahasrara. Having all three out is overkill and you have better things to do. I'd probably cut one Sahasrara for 2 Quality Times to ensure you get the cards you want.

22 Aug 2014 Cruces

@CodeMarvelous now that Lotus Field is out, do you believe that you need to change yog.0 ? and if so what would you change it with? In a similar deck to yours I used ZU.13 Key Master but I don't know if it's that efficient

22 Aug 2014 JDalart

I would run crypsis or an ai breaker set as an avenue to spend your money. You will probably have more money than you know what to do with but the corp will be able to lock you out if you are running the traditional breaker suite.

27 Aug 2014 ossa

I took a modified version of this deck and HB:CI to an 18 man tournament in Portland, Oregon and got 1st place. Kate is normally my go to girl, but I expected a lot of NEH and didn't feel confident with that matchup so I started testing Noise builds. I hadn't played a lot of Anarch, but I instantly fell in love with the way Noise can threaten all three central servers - even without running. Also, Parasite and Imp are sooo good right now and having them in faction is amazing. I called the meta correctly since 9 out of 18 people were playing NEH. I went 5-0 as corp and 4-1 with this deck. I played NEH 4 times and RP once. My only loss was to NEH in the first round when on the final turn I mistakenly sold an empty cache to the Pawnshop instead of Wyldside. The extra click would have let me get the access I needed to win the game but in the heat of the moment I made a mistake. My deck differed -2 lamprey, -1 Knight, -1 Sure Gamble, -1 Daily Cast; +1 Imp, +1 Medium, +1 Crypsis, +2 Scrubbed. I wasn’t sure how many currents to expect, but I did not want to deal with Enhanced Login Protocol out of RP. I beat the RP player before he was able to drop ELP, but I’m sure I would have been glad to have it in that matchup. I played Scrubbed once all day and it was in the finals just for the lulz. All it did was bring a wraparound to negative 2 strength. I didn’t install Yog once all day and Lotus Field was the bane of my existence since I ran into it in 3 or 4 games. Fortunately Knight can handle that fairly efficiently and Crypsis can in a pinch as well. I never had more than 2 Sahasrara installed and even that was overkill. People discussed cutting a copy for 2 Quality Time but getting one early is excellent and Wyldside already keeps your hand very full. Thanks for sharing, CodeMarvelous! The deck is fantastic!

2 Sep 2014 CodeMarvelous

thats aweome