Pretty Hate Machine Chicago Regional 1st in swiss, 2nd final

x3r0h0ur 8752

Silver bullet gatling gun, completely oppresive. I chose this as a meta call for the CI hasty, skorp, moons, and coats matchups. Just a tournament write-up, don't need to go into the details of how to play, will answer questions.

Swapped out 2 Kati over @Joseki build, because I figured MCA would be everywhere. In doing this I realized I'd be running light on cash, so I added 1 Misdirection, which installs for free for aesops food (free to install to pull something from hand if you clone chip it), and with aesops out, you can sell x card, click for a credit, and clear a whole hard hitting news (the only real reason to worry about being low on cash). On the day it cleared 3 hard-hitting news that would have been a blowout. A+ would slot again.

Second DDM in the second slot, mostly because skorp, but also helps vs moons, who insist on putting 1 ice on RnD usually. Punish this by getting 5 card accesses over and over.

Swiss R1 - Sarah Andy/HB:Etf - Hayley drops rumor mill, smc, and aesops early. Snag agendas from the remote, possibly 1 from hq, then a deep data mining closes it out.

R2 - Derrick Kate/CI - This is an unwinnable matchup on Hasty. I drop SMC and some sac cons, Derrick concedes knowing its futile, and has a potentially long runner game with GiantDad Kate.

R3 - John Whizz/Skorp - We ID, being the only 4-0s, no real need to play.

R4 - Blain Leela/CI - Concedes once clot saccon come out.

R5 - Spags whizz/RP - We ID being the only 7-1s

I get top seed on strength of schedule. Praise lady Hayley


R1 I draw Josh, who is playing an en passant val with blackmail and medium. Corp deck will explain this. I win.

R2 Asher - Railgun NEH - I'm not stoked about this, but I get a laguna early, he scores a BN, I dig deep and find councilman and after getting him to RFG 1 jackson, I run and trash the second, get down another councilman and he has no outs vs me just trashing them. He concedes for my 3rd concession on the day.

R3 Trevor Smoke - I'll cover it in corp. I lose

R4 Josh again, I fear this match-up because its corp town gagarin with toybox to rez it and big ass ice. I decide I need early points and go on the offense without much board state, I figure out he has a tour guide on hq and no asset he can or wants to rez, i snag out a 3/5, run RnD, he doesn't want to spend down, I lift another 3/5. At 6 I can camp it out, and do. A few turns later I lose 5 resources to Corp Town, click up credits, clone chip out chameleon over misdirection and SMC (misdirection covered me on an HHN), deep datamine for 5 cards, snag a 4/2. Big sigh of relief.

Final games are rematch of the ANRPC grand championship, this time the opposite I'm coming from the losers bracket to play Trevor who rolled the upper bracket. Not a huge fan of either match up, I'm happy to try Hayley. She doesn't disappoint.

R5 Finals game 1 Trevor on SoL - Early-ish scarcity slows me down, I snag a beale onto a film critic over a News Hound using Faust. I clot out a beale going sansan, critic it. A little later after my clot is locked down, I deep data mine (picking up a tag off IP block), criticing an astro and snagging a beale to win next turn taking astro.

R6 Grand final - Trevor Smoke - I lose with BN and 15 minutes scored, 24/7 in hand, no Nach on board. Indexing is brutal.

Overall super clutch winning every game. I think the misdirection and 1 dean could be flex slots, and maybe even 1 DDM could be anything else. I tested with Price of Freedom, a second current would be good (System Seizure would be very good to help vs scarcity), and even an inti would be great.

28 May 2017 piszczel

Any reason for Ubax over Astrolabe in this meta? Just more consistent? Seems like your deck runs very poor.

28 May 2017 Greek Geek

I guess that with so much install you can have too many cards in hand.

28 May 2017 x3r0h0ur

@piszczel yes, it runs fairly poor, but that barely matters. Sometimes its hard to get down the 5 cost things, but theyre not always needed, especially right away. Play thrifty and make smart runs, money isnt all that necessary.

@Greek Geek you do draw and rip through your deck a lot. Knowing your matchup and finding the specific hate is super important. Before nearly every game I knew exactly what my opponent was on and what they were doing, and I played accordingly. Know the meta, know your opponents.

28 May 2017 ANRguybrush

Does this deck really need Cycy? I currently play just Faust and Chameleon and I think it's sufficient.

28 May 2017 x3r0h0ur

Not unnecessarily, but stacked fc3s can be an issue, stacked turings, etc. Id hate to be locked out for a lack of Dean lister. Also having 2 types of real breakers is a fair backup plan if they do snipe the faust (say...underway ren, or well timed double batty). Seems worth the slot to me, but if theres something better, I'm up for it.

28 May 2017 moistloaf

lmao this is so cancer. grats on your finish, know you've been behind this style deck for awhile

28 May 2017 Revelations

With the demise of Railgun and CI7, I've swapped out the Councilman for Dirty Laundry which has really helped smooth out the early game economy. Do you have any plans for these slots?

28 May 2017 hsiale

Why does Hasty CI have unwinnable matchup against this? They can get you to istall Clot, purge through all the SacCons and get it out via Ark Lockdown once it's in the bin. Sure, that'a a lot of tempo loss and it's possible you steal enough points in the meantime, but that's not a hard lock on their scoring.

28 May 2017 x3r0h0ur

You can, in theory, purge through 2 or 3 sac cons over the course of the game, but in 1 window? Id be suprised. With a good draw, they can attempt 1 score early, which id let go. All of them did not draw so fortunately.

29 May 2017 Saan

Fuck yes, dude, I'm super happy for you. This deck is a blast, and I'm glad someone else has been doing well with it too. I also switched to 2x DDN, and the deck feels a lot smoother than when joseki, bluebird503 and I originally made it the night before the SF regional. I also switched out the plascrete (maybe a mistake?) and one of the Ubax for 2x Astrolabe in order to still crush the Moons matchup when your opening draw sucks. You can then pawn it for Ubax later if needed.

My final change was to add in a Mad Dash. With this, Rumor Mill, and Film Critic, you almost always win on only 3 agendas. You always host the third agenda on FC, and then if there's no Jackson on the table (or if Rumor Mill is out), just pawn FC the next turn and MD archives. It's kinda amazing.

I think now that Shutdown is no longer a thing, I'm probably going to take a councilman out and go for the Misdirection as well. Seems clutch. Maybe I'll pull the second back and put plascrete back in as well =P

Anyhow, good to see the deck doing work =)

29 May 2017 leburgan

This is the deck I wish I would have been playing. Love to see Lady Haley rise again. Great showing.

30 May 2017 Grimwalker

It was an honor losing to you, sir. In my own defense it's a conceivably winnable matchup if it doesn't take three UVs, three Violets and two Blues to find a Hasty! ;-)

30 May 2017 x3r0h0ur

Yea i was exaggerating a bit. You can win, its just a nightmare. It was amaizng how much you drew and it didnt turn up. Having tested hasty...I know that pain all too well. I came off hasty 2 weeks or so before the regional because of a run of games like you had.