The Glorious Bioroid Revolution!

CodeMarvelous 19754

Brothers, we are slaves no longer, we are stronger together and now the runner shall pay when they click by us like we do not matter. Our vengeance in NOW!

14 Aug 2014 esutter479

I can just see the looks on runners' faces now...

Runner: "Meh", click, I'm in!

2 turns later: "Um...GOTTA TUTOR GOTTA TUTOR"...ugh, subroutines

3 turns later: "Oh god, my rig...I totally spaced!"...Heimdall? No problem, lemme just grab Morningstar-asaurus here...

1-2 ICE later: "Ichi 2.0?!"...6 credits or 4 clicks...6 credits or 4 clicks...

5 turns later: " Sleepers." ... :(

Muahahahaha. Great stuff, Code! I'm favoriting this just in case I get sick of losing with my NEXT deck, heh.

14 Aug 2014 esutter479

As a P.S. - Imagine how Lag Time + Experiential Data would be with taxing the runner here...hmm....

14 Aug 2014 CodeMarvelous

no room

14 Aug 2014 esutter479

I know...was more of a pipe-dream than anything. :) Maybe someone will be crazy enough to devise that concept someday soon.

14 Aug 2014 titonosfe

I modified, 54 cards, lag time + experimiental data no domestic, mandatory upgrades, wraparound for lotus field. no celebrity gift, and nbn asset that made you spend 1 credit for sub break

16 Aug 2014 GentlemanGamer

This is similar to a deck I'm trying out. My version runs 3/2s and biotic / reclamation order to avoid the need for a scoring remote. It also uses will'o wisp as an extra PITA upgrade. It plays almost more like a CI combo deck. If only I could fit in encryption protocol or Hudson (!) to make layering upgrades on HQ/R&D even stronger...

Heinlein Grid really does give Bioroids some teeth!

17 Aug 2014 cranked

As soon as I saw Heinlein Grid, this is the kind of deck I wanted to build. Looks absolutely brutal, good to see Stronger Together getting some love.

19 Aug 2014 Putty

Sad for no Wotan.