The Bioroid Quandary

Diegofsv 1368

Rezz a Quandary, get another one. Mutate it into something stronger and get another one of the new ICE...enough eco to rezz some stronger ICEs and NEXT machine that works so great with The Foundry, but dont be afraid to mutate them too. Amazon Industrial Zone + NEXT is amazing.

20 Aug 2014 Garbo

Just played a game with this, it was really fun, I built a remote server with: janus -> next silver -> janus -> wotan -> heimdall 2.0.

Amazon and the next ice worked like a charm also. Nice deck!

20 Aug 2014 Pazuzu

What about minelayer instead of next bronze? Install and rez ice on the player's turn and a good way to dump money in case of account siphon.