Celebrity Hubbub - North American Nationals Top 8

Zolend 193

This is the Corp Deck I piloted to first place in Swiss (9-1) of the top 64 players in the North American Nationals. I wound up ultimately getting 5th place in the elimination rounds, which I was quite happy with!

My thinking with this deck was to get the runner to waste time on assets that some NEH decks rely on but to have the back up economy (Celebrity) if they did end up trashing everything. Celebrity Gift has the obvious downside of showing your hand to your opponent but combined with Jackson I was usually able to keep them guessing. Overall, the ability to bounce back from 3 to 10 credits is incredibly useful.

This deck runs more ice than a typical fast advance deck, partly for parasites but also for flexibility and consistency. TMI is in there for HQ account siphon protection, which was one of the few problems I had while testing the deck. TMI is also amazing against Nasir and won me a really close game in Swiss against him. Lotus field is a wonderful card against anyone who doesn't pack Atman and I definitely don't regret slotting two of them over Eli.

Data Raven without tag punishment may be questionable to some but I found it to be very effective in a tournament setting, almost always forcing the runner to jack out and play slowly, fearing Scorched Earth. Some players even went as far to Femme it, which is a fantastic trade in tempo.

Other than that it's a fairly standard NEH deck, take it for a test drive and see how it treats you!

18 Aug 2014 AsteriskCGY

Hah yea I design decks with the mentality that people know what's in it already because the cardlist is a known set. But this is great idea in a tournament. If anything, side board a Mother Goddess or something when it stops working.