Money Destroyed Me

LeonardQuirm 968

Vegan Weyland! Don't kill the runner - just lock them out. You're looking to reach a game-state where you have each of your centrals and one scoring remote protected by a cheap EtR (probably a Barrrier) followed by a Destroyer. Throw an Inazuma in front of the Destroyers or a Corporate Troubleshooter behind them for added fun.

Generally when you get a chance to take out a program, go for the Fracter if there's a strong chance they're about to steal an Agenda, or the Killer if there isn't. However, Datasucker is also a great choice (especially if they're relying on Mimic), or Parasite if it's about to remove your inner EtR.

Garrotte can be a bit of a pain for this deck, given its efficiency at dealing with Sentries and its high cost making it effectively immune to Power Shutdown. Otherwise this has proven a fairly strong deck so far!

(oh, and try to keep your amusement to yourself when the runner inevitably looks pleased at wasting a click and three credits to install their Plascrete. If you keep your reaction in check, they may even do it again!)