Purple Flame (Undefeated Day 2 @ Gen Con)

Xenoman 109

This is the deck I took to US Nationals when I forgot NEH. As it turns out, I may have made the right call. In the first day I competed in (Day 2), I went 7-0 with this deck: 5 flatlines and 2 scoring wins. In the finals, I dropped my first game 0-2 (my opponent played well and got helped by two early agenda steals first turn) and subsequently dropped from the tournament. (I was supposed to be working at Gen Con, after all, and you're not likely to make top 8 if you dong out in the first round.)

The ICE in this deck is modified from other Scorched Earth-centric Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers decks: it's all cheap. You aren't going to have massive protection in your servers, but your early game is much stronger for it. I find that Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers wins more often than not when it can survive the first few turns of early aggression, especially against credit drain or multi-access.

Build your economy as fast as you can. You put the runner in a tight spot when you're showing more credits. Use Reclamation Order on the first economy card you see three of in Archives (Hedge Fund, Restructure, Blue Level Clearance).

Scoring that first Efficiency Committee (with the help of two Biotic Labors) while still maintaining a credit lead basically can win you the game: at that point, you can play three (or even four!) Scorched Earths to win thanks to the recursion and click-gain this deck has access to. Otherwise, score a Priority Requisition using two Shipment from SanSans, and finish off with a Biotic Labor-into-Project Vitruvius to score through for an agenda win.

@semaphores really came through with the Viktor 1.0 suggestion. This card hurts, is cheap, and can do quite well in a field without Yogs running around.

27 Aug 2014 ossa

I took this deck and Noise to an 18 man tournament in Portland, Oregon and got 1st place. I've been playing CI for a very long time so I'm very comfortable with the deck, and this list is excellent. Thanks for sharing, Xenoman! And congratulations on your performance!

27 Aug 2014 Xenoman

Congratulations, @ossa! Glad to see the deck do well!

Definitely important that you're familiar with Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers, but I do like the way this version of the deck runs.