Chaos Theory: Fae Fatale Rush 2.2

omegalife2002 2900

The goal is to burst out of the gate with a full breaker suite by turn 3-4, much like the other FaeRush decks on here; however, this deck also makes use of Femme.

While this deck can get through pretty much any piece of ice pretty early, it can get pretty expensive to do so repeatedly with ice like Wotan, Archer, Tollbooth, etc. So, we turn to our leading lady, Femme. Put her on the Dino and you have a pretty amazing Sentry breaker (2nd only to Faerie or Mimic) with the added bonus of bypass.

The Scavenges are there to Test Run a Femme and/or repoint her when the corp trashes the ice. Swapped out the usual Constructs for SOT, to help with any of the events, better to have tools at the right time.


10 Dec 2013 x3r0h0ur

I feel like this is a different type of deck than faerush, which focuses on low economy runs, always being a threat no matter what. Similar to atman. It is high pressure. Thus everything must have low costs. A tinkered big ice can be broken with faerie for the same price as a femme would pay, without the 9 overhead (or 2 card scavenge combo). I feel like this deck would be every bit as good if 5 cards were added, and Kate were used. Consider how +1 escher +2 indexing, +1 diesel +1 daily casts would be, whilst getting the 1 discount all the time. The small deck space and extra MU are utilized in faerush, I feel like this version doesn't need either given the tudoring and draw cards, along with the high install costs. Though don't get me wrong I'm not saying its bad.

Suggestions would be -1 Dinos and +1 scavenge, because you can really move femme around and do work with her when she's mobile, and you don't want to have to spend 2 clicks to do it!

Maybe find a slot for atman for exploiting high str ice more.

20 Dec 2013 PeekaySK

Also, I feel like ditching the Sacrificial Constructs significantly weakens the archetype - they're what you're using to keep your momentum after making a run (by stopping your Faerie from exploding and/or being able to use her on two sentries in a row)