Modern Faerush

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x3r0h0ur 8583

Economy through SMC and Faerie installs using Scheherazade, discounts on other breakers (they cost 1 to install with hera!).

Cheap breaks, tinkering brings costs down when you just use Faerie to break hadrians wall :P Even troubleshooter has issues, since they either spend a lot to get over your cheap costs, then they're broke, or they don't trash your programs!

Lots of recursion for the faeries...but if your rig gets trashed, no big deal! They're cheap to install and easy to find back.

Nothing costs a lot to install (deus X being the most expensive non resource, and procontacts being the 5 coster of doom). The prepaid voicepads make sure gambles and dirty laundries all the more lucrative. If you use them, there's 9 of each using levy, and levy is only 2 to play if you have all your voicepads out. The more stuff you have installed before a levy the more dense the credit event draw becomes.

The great thing about this deck is that its aggressive, and its a threat even after closed accounts. It doesn't care too much about program trashing, if you have to lose your corroder to get through a grim on a maker's eye run, go for it.

Only possible change is hera for grifter, depends on if I can always make a run per turn, 2 free credits is nothing to sneeze at (consider how with prepaidPad getting you 5 for 0 cost, and activating some grifters would be like a 7-8 credit gain on a successful run!)

Of course squeezing in plascrete for that whole thing is also a big deal. I thought about -2 hera +1 decoy (crash space for more utility) +1 tinkering for the scorched fears.

-2 hera +2 crescentus to go along with all the recursion, you can plug up grims and archers and save yourself faeries, and cost the corp lots of cash for no thing!

I would love to hear feedback on these options, and playtest results!

13 Dec 2013 Alsciende

Without Indexing, I'd say your early game is not punchy enough. Without R&D Interface, I'd say your late game is not efficient enough.

Prepaid VoicePAD & Scheherazade are kinda recurring credits, so they're efficient on the long term. I see FaeRush as a more "Now!" deck.

To stay on the VoicePAD idea, I'd play Test Run + Crescentus instead of SMC + Scheherazade. Playing a cheap Test Run to install a Crescentus from the heap, make a run and derez a big ice would be a good move.

I'm currently playing with a FaeRush of my own: ZuFaeRush.

31 Dec 2013 mekros

Just wondering, have you still been playing this build? If so, any new comments or thoughts on it. It looks very fun and exciting to play. I just through something similar together for my local meetup. Any advice would be welcomed as well.

19 Apr 2014 lukesim3

Thanks a lot to x3r0 for this deck. The archetype is lots of fun to play, and has been really successful in my local meta. However, I found myself rarely lacking funds, so I swapped the VoicePADs for 3 LLDS Processors. They're cheaper to install, and save about as much. Plus, if you have three of them out, they turn a tutored Faerie into a super-Sharpshooter, breaking Archer for one measly credit.

I also split the difference between the Schererazade vs. Crescentus debate and put in one of each (you can always tutor the single Crescentus if it's worth it). It's working out so far. That said, I'm considering dropping one Corroder and putting in a second Hera...