Gabepire Mala tempora update

x3r0h0ur 8598

Utilize the pheromones interaction with vamp. Use gorman drip to kick them while they're down. Added Better breakers, Running interference, 1 more sneakdoor (convinced me to switch to gabe). Needs some sort of R&D punish though. Gabe gets you those 2 extra credits per turn that is just too hard to say no to over andromeda's ~13 credit starting bankroll (double suregamble = 13, SG+easy mark =12). Gives the trick more staying power.

If you suspect a purge upcoming, let your pheromones refresh 1 time without using them, just spend a turn drawing and getting bonus econ, because the credits don't disappear when the corp purges. Also makes for a good opportunity to install more pheromones!

Grifter ended up not fitting very well, but I might still try it. Running interference is good for when you have to play shapery and get your pheromones up first. Helps you get counters on them after a purge too, and plays off same old thing if you prefer that to siphon. Overall it helps the goal of running HQ often, and doesn't force you to run if you don't want to like grifter does. Though, grifter should work well with the overall goal anyway. So we'll see.

For those who might not see the running interference power, after siphoning and vamping, you can use it to run the remote, which will have very few, if any rezzed ice, since you spend all game wrecking HQ and archives->HQ. Pheromones work on traces, trashing assets in HQ (even through the sneakdoor), and for breakers.

Cyberfeeder might help, but at the cost of vamps or Djinns...or good breakers, I just can't find the slots.

15 Dec 2013 v01d

I am playing a similar deck and found myself in troubles against big ice that thrashes like Archer or Grim. Aren't these guys a problem for you too?

17 Dec 2013 x3r0h0ur

I usually hit hard enough to keep them poor, also efficient breakers (other than sentry) help make them matter very little.

17 Dec 2013 CodeMarvelous

what is an ideal starting hand for this deck

29 Dec 2013 d9w

Why Doppelganger?

30 Dec 2013 solstiria

How does the deck perform without RDI or medium? Do you get to see enough cards?

11 Jan 2014 x3r0h0ur

@D9W, because you can accumulate more pheromones credits. For instance you have 7 credits on pheromones suspecting a purge coming on the corp's next turn. Credit up for 4 clicks, then they purge on their turn. Then, on your turn you have 7 credits + however much money you have to get in and get virus tokens back on pheromones. Being able to hit HQ as many as 5 times is amazing. Also the flexibility to be able to gain money for 3 clicks, then vamp HQ, and doppelganger to a remote or R&D is how you get in servers that aren't HQ.

@solstiria: you've noticed the weakspot. Yes, it struggles to win fast enough, and any corp smart enough to heavy layer HQ can shut it out before it wins. Without multiaccess you're winning the hard way, top decking R&D and hitting randoms out of HQ. The good thing is you usually will be running so much that it's inevitable to snag agendas. HB style fast advance, or NBN astro train can protect agendas by scoring from hand. Ideally you can vamp to 0 with 0 ice rezzed on the remotes and just run down not having to break any when they install an agenda.

Future versions will run either 1 medium or HQ interface, once Breach and Alias come out.