Tennin Get out of my house!!

soulraiden 23

29 Aug 2014 AkAnderson

I'm personally not a fan of Clone Retirement/Grim and NAPD.

29 Aug 2014 Pinkwarrior

@AkAnderson I feel the same bad pub and NAPD don't mix imo, have you thought about running Ichi 1/2 and Paywall that way even if they do get through least you get something out of it.

30 Aug 2014 soulraiden

I try many psyschological trick in this deck. I hope the runner score a medical at the start of the game, let him see the grim before installed and try to stole the napd from the archive, when shock are there. This deck need more tweak and every suggestion is appreciated.

@Pinkwarrior I try in this day to add Paywall or Ichi, but didn't find the right equilibrium for the influence.